A Labour MP’s letter to police sets out details of a user manual for controversial computer software that may have been authored by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps  — claiming it indicates “intent” to breach criminal statutes covering copyright infringement. Providing material supplementary to his original complaint from five months ago, Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe claims “offences under […]

With senior Conservatives warning of “a crisis” if Maria Hutchings fails to win the Eastleigh by-election, it isn’t shaping up to be a good week for Grant Shapps, who as Tory chair is ultimately responsible for the party’s campaign in the marginal constituency. And it just got worse. A Labour MP responsible for an official complaint […]

Grant Shapps has denied that many of the endorsements of his highly dubious get-rich-quick schemes were fake: Grant Shapps tells BBC Scotland that Corinne Stockheath, one of the testimonials on his HowToCorp website, does exist. — Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) October 10, 2012 Grant Shapps was asked by BBC GoodMorning Scotland whether Corinne Stockheath is “a […]