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Grant Shapps: Steve McCabe police letter sets out new allegations

Grant Shapps and the Met Police

A Labour MP’s letter to police sets out details of a user manual for controversial computer software that may have been authored by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps  — claiming it indicates “intent” to breach criminal statutes covering copyright infringement.

Providing material supplementary to his original complaint from five months ago, Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe claims “offences under Section 107(1), (2) and (2A) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 may have been committed” in addition to “other breaches of the law identified pursuant to a full and proper investigation.”

The correspondence is published in full by Scrapbook below.

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Met Police stalling on Grant Shapps probe ‘for political reasons’

Grant Shapps and the Met Police

With senior Conservatives warning of “a crisis” if Maria Hutchings fails to win the Eastleigh by-election, it isn’t shaping up to be a good week for Grant Shapps, who as Tory chair is ultimately responsible for the party’s campaign in the marginal constituency. And it just got worse.

A Labour MP responsible for an official complaint against Shapps has ramped up the pressure on the Metropolitan Police to investigate the production of software apparently designed to rake in huge sums in online advertising revenue by plagiarising content on a massive scale. How To Corp, a company owned and operated by the Shapps family, may have committed offences under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

Steve McCabe, who originally contacted the Met five months ago, has again written to the force, providing them with additional evidence — including a PDF manual for the controversial “Traffic Paymaster” software whose metadata reveals it was authored by “Grant”.

Scrapbook understands that the complaint is currently in the hands of the Met’s Directorate of Legal Services, who are responsible for assessing the complaint before passing it on to investigators. It has been suggested that Shapps’ high-profile role in the Conservative Party is a factor in the extensive delays. Indeed, Scrapbook has been attempting to elicit the status of the complaint from Scotland Yard for nearly six weeks without success.

They could always replace him with his deputy — Michael “blow job jokes on the campaign trail” Fabricant.

Grant Shapps denies faking get-rich-quick scheme testimonials

Grant Shapps has denied that many of the endorsements of his highly dubious get-rich-quick schemes were fake:

It turns out that Stockheath doesn’t even feature on the list of the 90,000 most common surnames in the USA.

Shapps claims are a repeat of his response while being pursued through the Tories’ Birmingham conference centre at the weekend. Crick asked Shapps:

“Can you assure us that all the testimonials on your business sites were genuine people?”

The flustered MP responded:

“Michael, absolutely … What I can tell you is everyone is genuine”

Everyone is genuine — bar, of course, Shapps alter-ego.

An earlier version of this article reported that he’d told BBC Scotland that Corinne Stockheath was not genuine. Profuse apologies to Michael Green, ahem, Grant Shapps for this error.

Shapps confronted by Michael Crick over dodgy business schemes

On advertisement testimonials for his dodgy “get rich quick” schemes — which he promoted under the fake name Michael Green — Grant Shapps told Channel 4 News today:

“Everyone is genuine.”

Genuinely made up?

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