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Edinburgh University charges £5,750 for internship in Scottish Parliament

The University of Edinburgh is charging students nearly £6,000 for internships in the Scottish Parliament, it has been revealed. Succesful applicants to the Institute of Governance’s “Parliamentary Programme” undertake an eight-week placement with an MSP in a scheme that has netted the university some £1.7 million.

Though the programme does include an academic element, interns are given just 30 hours of contact time with tutors in contrast with some 256 hours working in Holyrood. Averaged out on a per-hour basis, participants pay more than £200 per day for their stint in Scotland’s parliament.

With the university accused of abusing its establishment position by selling access to MSPs, it is thought the Presiding Officer will investigate the matter. A parliamentary source told the Student newspaper:

“This scheme makes a mockery of the Parliament’s founding principles of transparency and equal opportunities for all.”

This is clearly a shameful ruse to take advantage of those desperate to get into the Scottish Parliament.

Perhaps George Galloway should apply.

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