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Five people accidentally shot at arms lobby’s ‘Gun Appreciation Day’


A series of non-fatal accidental shootings have overshadowed events organised by the US pro-gun lobby. The first annual ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ was held as the Obama administration looks to reduce violence in the wake of the Conneticut school shootings.

But the rallies and fairs — whose organisers officially welcome endorsement from groups such as, errr, Zombie Killers Elite — was beset by three separate incidents in which five people were shot.

  • Three people were shot in North Carolina after a firearm went off accidentally at a gun show’s check-in booth. The walking wounded included a sherrif’s deputy.
  • A gun dealer tried to check to make sure a gun was unloaded at a similar event in Ohio, but ended up shooting a longtime friend in the leg and arm.
  • Meanwhile in Indiana, a man shot himself in the hand while attempting to reload his .45 semi-automatic in the car park of a gun and knife show.

The incidents come as a blow to gun advocacy groups — who have consistently argued that increasing the number of guns in public places such as schools would increase public safety.

The Second Amendment lobby seems to be interpreting the idiom ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ literally.

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