The already threadbare reputation of Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps was further damaged today — with claims made to defend against initial questions over his honesty being exposed as utter bunkum. Grant Shapps’ lawyers’ letter to this website, 29 October 2014: “Our client has written business books under his pen name (Mr Green); but was studious in publishing his full name and biography […]

Embattled Tory chairman Grant Shapps has become such a liability that his party have pulled him from a high-profile media appearance. Shapps was billed to appear on BBC Three’s youth discussion programme Free Speech, which promised an “unscripted hour of tough and uncensored questions”. The programme listing was updated this morning to show that Shapps has been replaced by junior minister […]

Excerpts from the most cringeworthy Grant Shapps website yet uncovered can tonight be exclusively re-published by Political Scrapbook. Promoting a get-rich-quick guide entitled ‘How To Become Stinking Filthy Rich Online’, the Tory chairman made a series of toe-curling boasts about his own wealth — while posing for pictures in his convertible sports car and private plane. Operating under his pseudonym Michael Green to […]

The Conservative Party are today refusing to comment on the legal status of Grant Shapps’ internet market operations — which may have seen the embattled party chairman trading as a US “corporation” without being anything of the kind. It is already known that the address listed for Shapps’ get-rich-quick schemes from 2002-2005 was a residential property in suburban Pennsylvania, USA. State authorities […]

This is what Grant Shapps said to Murdoch’s new viral website Sun Nation while trying to explain away his middle ‘V’ initial which suddenly appeared on electoral nomination forms and in Hansard: “Jokingly, my parents once suggested I call myself ‘Five’ because I don’t have a middle name. “I am aware ‘V’ has appeared as my middle initial, […]