Tory chairman Grant Shapps has raised eyebrows by denying that their American adviser Jim Messina is involved in targeting groups of voters, claiming instead that ex-Obama guru — one of the world’s most expensive political consultants — has instead been helping to, errrrr, organise campaign road trips for young Tory Boys (and girls). His claims come after Scrapbook revealed that Messina […]

In a classic unforced error, Tory chairman Grant Shapps is spinning himself into a corner after threatening a constituent who referenced his controversial pseudonym ‘Michael Green’. Representatives of Shapps have since told Scrapbook that: “[Grant Shapps] has written business books under a pen name … but was studious in publishing his full name and biography alongside” Oh, yeah? […]

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps threatened a constituent who referenced his controversial alter ego ‘Michael Green’, Political Scrapbook can reveal.  The Hertfordshire MP recently posted the following response on Facebook after taking umbrage at the suggestion that his use of the pseudonym — which he used to promote a series of reputationally toxic ‘get rich quick’ schemes — was dishonest: From the looks of the […]

There’s a by-election on and the Tories are expected to lose to UKIP. In such circumstances one might assume that the chairman of the Conservative Party is manning the barricades in Kent — but he’s actually at an internet conference in Dublin. "I'm a geek." Grant Shapps speaks at Dublin #websummit — thinktankreview (@thinktankreview) November 5, […]

A Commons aide to Tory chairman Grant Shapps appears to have channelled thousands of pounds in campaign donations via his researcher’s flat — using a legal vehicle associated with a controversial loophole in electoral law. Lancashire MP Jake Berry is one of just eight Tories in ‘target holds’ that have received a majority of their declarable donations from unincorporated associations, which can be […]

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has his personal election campaigns bankrolled by a secretive club fined by regulators after failing to submit financial returns for more than four years. Funds transferred to his Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Association total some £140,000 since Shapps has been a candidate in the constituency. Scrapbook reported earlier this month that Conservative Club (Hatfield) Ltd — a members’ […]

The influence of Tory HQ can be felt on the selection to replace disgraced Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley MP — with the Conservatives picking an ally of Grant Shapps’ parliamentary bag carrier as their new candidate in Cannock Chase. While announcements for the selection of Amanda Milling (above with Boris) featured the usual spin about her tenuous connections with the […]