Back in 2010 the BBC reported on the 40% rise in advertising spending in the run up to the last general election, with the former head of the Government Information Service telling them that ministers pressurised civil servants to run adverts which would highlight the government’s programme as polling day approached: “One of the dangerous things […]

In the Tories’ first major set piece of the election campaign, George Osborne slams what he claims are his opponents’ ‘unfunded spending pledges’ at a press conference. Ninety minutes later his own minister Sajid Javid goes on national radio and refuses to explain how various Tory spending commitments will be paid for. listen to ‘Sajid Javid car crash’ […]

With yet another report blaming food poverty on delays in benefit payments, George Osborne will likely be called on to take personal responsibility for his role in a rise in food poverty — after he acted to deliberately increase waiting times for desperate claimants. Ignoring warnings, the millionaire chancellor introduced the tough-looking measure at the 2013 Spending Review — after which […]

Those with properties on the £2m threshold of Labour’s proposed Mansion Tax, a measure slammed by the Tories and a centrepiece of their campaigning, will be hit with a £53,750 increase in stamp duty, documents for George Osborne’s autumn statement have revealed. This figure is equivalent to, errr, 18 years of Mansion Tax payments. The move is utterly brazen in […]

The destination for parliamentary bag carriers hunting their next assignment, visitors to the W4MP website were left scratching their heads at the mysterious advert from a “senior Conservative Frontbench MP” posted earlier today. With the employers’ submission form stating that “We do not accept ads from un-named MPs or organisations”, advertisers on the free Westminster jobs […]

One of the Conservative Party’s top fundraiser can be linked to a group of controversial tax schemes which have seen some investors — such as footballer Michael Owen — forced to repay millions of pounds to HMRC. Formerly Britain’s leading tobacco lobbyist, Tim Lord is now an officer of the United and Cecil Club — a highly secretive organisation bankrolled by anonymous […]

George Osborne visits the ultra-marginal of Southampton Itchen to promote the government’s pension reforms and pose with a candidate who sounds like a packet of crisps. All is going according to plan … With Conservative candidate @royston_smith at a pension workshop in Southampton. We believe people should be trusted with their pensions — George Osborne […]