The public body responsible for enforcing compliance with the Freedom of Information Act is currently subject to a complaint from its own staff — for, errrr, failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. With a pay dispute raging at the Information Commissioner’s Office, the regulator has not only ignored an FOI request on an 11% raise for three senior […]

As regular readers will recall, Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP have been throwing money at increasingly desperate legal bids to keep a number of documents related to the Universal Credit programme under wraps — and they’ve just lost. Again. With IDS’ critics claiming that he may have misled parliament on the progress (or utter lack […]

Judge rules there would be no chilling effect in releasing Universal Credit reports FOI tribunal refuses Iain Duncan Smith leave to appeal against the court’s decision DWP continues to pour thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money into failing legal attempt to keep files secret A judge has smashed Iain Duncan Smith’s attempt to keep potentially damning […]

Having acted on information sent to our tip-offs box, our Twitter followers may recall Scrapbook’s frustration at South Tyneside Council’s approach to accountability last week. While other local authorities have published their councillors’ statutory register of interests online for years, South Tyneside appear to be stuck in some form of transparency timewarp redolent of T. Dan Smith-era […]

The government aren’t happy to hear that the number of Freedom of Information requests is increasing year on year; so much so that they’re planning to introduce a range of tariffs to restrict Freedom of Information requests. But at least there’s someone to blame: Eric Pickles. The government’s “transparency agenda” is leading to the rise in […]

The Conservatives are planning to restrict Freedom of Information requests. Despite an existing framework for charging costlier requests, a report by Newsnight reveals the Conservatives are considering introducing a “range of tarrifs” for access to documents by journalists, campaigners and members of the public. After Michael Gove was caught using a secret email account with the […]

In a move preparing the ground for an assault on the public’s information rights, a survey conducted by the Ministry of Justice has revealed significant opposition to Freedom of Information legislation from Whitehall civil servants. Apparently Sir Humphrey doesn’t thinks plebians should pay money to access information “like expenses, crime statistics and so on”. Could transparency be going the […]