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Fox News business channel on first woman at US Federal Reserve …

Gasparino is a senior correspondent at Fox Business Network — the sister channel of Fox News.

Stay. Classy.

Fox News pundit: “I’m not saying she deserved to be raped but …”

Fox News

Some classy victim blaming on Fox News, where the alleged rape of a 14 year-old girl apparently merits accusations that the victim is a liar and a criminal.

Having claimed that “there are telltale signs of this girl actually lying”, criminal defence attorney Joseph DiBenedetto told viewers that — even if she had been raped — she should have expected this having left home without her parents’ knowledge to go drinking with friends.

“But what did she expect to happen at 1 a.m. in the morning after sneaking out?”

“I’m not saying — assuming that these facts are accurate and this did happen — I’m not saying she deserved to be raped, but knowing the facts as we do here including what the prosecutor has set forth, this case is going nowhere and it’s going nowhere quick.”

This by far from the first victim blaming controversey on the Murdoch-owned channel.

Last year commentator Dana Perino said that women who are victims of violence should “make better decisions”.

Fox has seen the future of TV news – and it looks like a bizarre, giant iPad

comedy huge ipads
Fox News have unveiled a “breathtakingly ridiculous” new newsroom, full of Star Trek style screens and comically huge tablet computers.

In a video posted on their website yesterday, perma-tanned anchor Shepard Smith took viewers on a tour of the ludicrous new facility, a base for the Murdoch owned right-wing network’s new headline news show. It features a team of increasingly awkward looking journalists attempting to do their jobs on novelty sized, 55 inch touchscreens, which don’t really seem to do anything useful.

Later in the video, Smith brandishes a device which he describes as having “never been used in broadcast television before” – but which looks suspiciously like a Nintendo Wii remote. He then uses it to shuffle some pictures around on a giant video-wall for no adequately explained purpose.

Finally, in a line straight from the script of Anchorman, Smith says:

“News … pops in when news breaks. That’s sort of the nature of news.”

Glad we got that one straight, Shep.

Report: Fox News lies about climate change 93% of the time

Rupert Murdoch’s companies have been found to be grossly misleading the US public over climate change, with Fox News‘ coverage classed as giving dodgy info 93% of the time. In the report, compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal comes a close second in the inaccuracy stakes, with a massive 81% misleading coverage in their opinion pages:

The WSJ, whose commentary include such beauties as “No Need to Panic About Global Warming“, claim that the alarmism created by global warming is something of a conspiracy, offering “an excuse for governments to raise taxes“.

Fox News, who evidently can’t even muster a one in ten success rate of accurate reportage, have certainly got a somewhat dubious record when it comes to accuracy and fairness of their journalism. Readers may recall:

Fox News, scrutinising certain sections of society since 1996.

US unemployment falls sharply … so Fox News just fiddle the graph

As the 2012 presidential election draws ever closer, Fox News seem to be augmenting their traditional right-wing spin with a forsaking of logic. The graph shown above clearly shows the news network attempting to claim that November’s 8.6% unemployment rate is greater than March’s 8.8% and equal to April’s 9.0%.

Could it be that a sharp fall in US unemployment to 8.6% doesn’t fit with Rupert Murdoch’s desired narrative? Here is what that graph should look like:

Rumours that Fox executives have been on a fact-finding mission to Liberal Democrat HQ could not be confirmed.

Fox News makes up new section of the US constitution

It is common knowledge how seriously US right wingers take their nations constitution, and now Fox News have hit upon a novel way to use it to rally their viewers to a cause: make a new section up themselves!

In coverage of an ongoing legal row over whether US Supreme Court justice should recuse herself from a case on the constitutionality of Obama’s healthcare reforms (Fox reckon liberal Elena Kagan will vote in favour of the measures), that bastion of journalistic “fairness and balance” invoked the following in support of their argument:

“US Constitution, Article 28, Sec. 114”

This is of particular historical and political significance, since up until now the US Constitution has only had seven articles, with the longest having ten sections and none of the language quoted above.

Scholars must be queuing up outside Fox’s offices to see their amazing new discovery.

Fox News caption Occupy Wall Street eviction “good riddance”

True to form, Scrapbook notes that Fox News has been continuing its role as a bastion of even-handedness. Whilst covering New York police evicting protesters from the Occupy Wall Street camp, footage was shown with a subtitle reading “Good Riddance”.

“Fair and Balanced”, Fox News style.

Ann Coulter: black Republicans “so much better” than black Democrats

Controversial right-wing commentator Ann Coulter caused a stir on Fox News by claiming that black Republicans were both more impressive and intelligent than their Democrat counterparts. Embarking on a Top Trumps-style comparison of black politicians, Coulter concluded:

“Our blacks are so much better than their blacks.”

Coulter’s impassioned comments were spurred on by her vehement defence of presidential candidate Herman Cain, who is currently facing allegations of, erm, sexually harassing two women in the 1990s.

Notorious for her provocative idiotic comments, Coulter’s previous contributions to race relations have included a vision of an idyllic America in which interracial couples “would lose the chips on their shoulders” and Jews would be “perfected” by becoming Christians.

In our American utopia, however, a “perfected” Ann Coulter would take the First Amendment a little less literally.

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