Eric Pickles has been defeated in a court case brought by PCS over union-busting tactics at the Department for Communities and Local Government. Instead of following the advice his department was giving to councils — to charge administration fees for the “check off” system for payment of union subs — Pickles pressed ahead and landed the […]

Eric Pickles faces his second High Court skirmish over his union-busting tactics today. The Brentwood MP’s department is the subject of legal action over his attempts to reduce his number of organised staff in DCLG. Pickles wants to abolish the “check off” system which is used to collect membership subscriptions directly from pay packets — […]

Communities secretary Eric Pickles is the subject of legal action in the High Court after he refused to back down in a confrontation over union busting, Political Scrapbook can reveal. As this blog reported last week, Pickles plans to clamp down on union membership by abolishing the “check off” system used to collect subscriptions — […]

UPDATE: PCS say they will sue Pickles over the changes unless he backs down, saying the changes are a breach of contract for staff: “Hopefully he will now see sense and not waste any taxpayers’ money trying to defend a legal case that we believe is cut and dried.” While the government has been careful to frame […]

The two cabinet members with primary responsibility for local government cuts have some of the highest numbers of “fat cats”on their own Tory-dominated councils. Chancellor George Osborne and local government secretary Eric Pickles have slammed local authorities over excessive pay packets — but perhaps they should be looking a bit closer to home. While Eric […]

The Conservatives are really honing their inverse Midas touch down in Eastleigh: The perils of campaigning. Pickles: How old is your daughter? Man at door: He’s a boy — Sophy Ridge (@SophyRidgeSky) February 22, 2013 They really can’t get anything right. In the meantime, the Liberal Democrats — who outnumber the Tories ten to one […]