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Chaotic scenes as Miliband harangued by ‘Yes’ campaigners

Elements of the #IndyRef Yes campaign seem to be operating some form of blitzkrieg against visiting English politicians.

With Ed Miliband supposed to be doing a walkabout/stump speech in an Edinburgh shopping centreLabourList editor Mark Ferguson describes the moment when “all hell broke loose”:

“Despite having been arranged at short notice, there were Yes campaigners there shouting loudly. Whilst the Yes campaign may write this kind of thing off as a few rogue campaigners, this could only have been organised – considering the number of people there and how quickly they’d congregated.

It then became apparent that Miliband would be speaking inside:

“Yes supporters started shouting and running inside, followed by No supporters. Pushing and shoving commenced. I saw an old lady knocked to one side and a mother yell as her pushchair was almost toppled.

The video also offers us a peek behind the curtain, with staffers discussing how to rescue the situation:

“Why don’t you bring some people in?”
“I can’t because you’re in the middle of the f**cking shot, aren’t you!”

Tory in row over ‘behead Miliband, overdose for Thornberry’ comments

  • Tory councillor ‘liked’ Facebook status calling hoping for “very long and painful” beheading of Ed Miliband
  • Responded “LOL … utter scum” to suggestion Emily Thornberry MP “deserved a lethal dose of heroin”

Cllr Neil Cohen on Ed Miliband and Emily Thornberry

A Tory councillor from Essex has refused to quit after appearing to endorse violence against public figures who have criticised Israel over the Gaza conflict. Cllr Neil Cohen of Buckhurst Hill Council ‘liked’ the following remark from a friend

“I hope that when the jihadist vermin take over and start the slaughter, [Ed Miliband's] beheading is a very long and painful one you utter, utter, utter C***.”

… before responding:

“Npw [sic] u know why im a conservative councilor. …lol”

When another contributor then dropped the C-bomb on “junkie” Russell brand, adding of Labour front bencher Emily Thornberry …

“if there was ever a person who deserved a lethal dose of heroin”

… Cohen responded:

“Lol…brand n that labour mp…utter scum”

His excuse?

He says it was “supposed to be a private conversation”.

Did DCMS stitch up Miliband and Clegg over WWI wreaths?


With Ed Miliband slammed for not preparing a hand-written note on a WWI memorial poppy wreath — before it subsequently emerged that David Cameron was the only dignitary to have signed his ‘from’ card — this is a VERY awkward quote from Poppy Scotland:

“Our normal procedure is that we would just send the cards directly with the wreaths.

“We were asked to send [the cards] to the DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) and the wreaths were sent through to Glasgow in advance, but the blank cards to London.”

There are strict rules on the political impartiality of the civil service.

So having received the cards in derogation from “normal procedure”, who at DCMS offered the Tory prime minister the opportunity to sign his card — but not the Lib Dem deputy prime minister or Labour opposition leader?

UPDATE: Official DCMS line …

“The same wreaths and pre-written messages were provided to all wreath layers. Some chose to write personalised messages.”

Scrapbook understands that (a) Cameron’s office asked for a card in advance and it was added to the wreath in the morning and (b) that no one was given time on the morning to write a message — but some wreath layers bought their own message or wreath and substituted it on the morning.

That Labour message discipline in full

Iain Dale and Harriet Harman

With Harriet Harman the latest politician to take on a regular (in her case monthly) phone-in slot on LBC Radio, it’s good to see Labour figures are clear where they stands on the big issues:

Errrrr …

Labour spinners complain Miliband never received budget speech

Responding to a budget is always tough, but Ed Miliband was forced to weather flak from hacks (below) for failing to address the new measures announced by George Osborne.

Miliband’s office claim the reason is simple: he wasn’t given an embargoed copy of Osborne’s speech:

So was this dirty tricks from Treasury or spin to save Ed’s blushes?

UPDATE: After 72 re-tweets of his original, Sunny Hundal clarifies he was told it is normal procedure for the leader of the opposition to receive an advance copy of the budget speech …

Ed and Dave’s EU fudge bonanza

European Union flag

With his shift to leave the door open to an in/out referendum on Europe — but only if a transfer of new powers to Brussels were proposed — it was inevitable that Ed Miliband would be accused of a fudge by both Eurosceptics and Europhiles.

Ed follows in the footsteps of David Cameron, who also promised a referendum on the EU — but only in 2017 when he probably won’t be prime minister.

If only for amusement purposes, it’s worth revisiting the European travails of Tory MP James Wharton, who warned his party over EU headbanging, only to be forced by whips to adopt a pre-drafted referendum bill when he won the Private Member’s Bill ballot the day later:

After attempts by Eurosceptic Tory backbenchers to bring a poll forward to this year, Wharton’s bill was finally killed off by peers at the end of January.

With George Osborne posturing over the revival of a 2017 poll last week, however, Westminster’s EU can-kicking competition looks set to run and run.

Video: BBC interview with Norman Smith

Desert Island Discs: David Miliband picked ‘Englishman in New York’

Ed Miliband and David Miliband

Ed Miliband has denied that his Desert Island Discs selection was concocted by a panel of advisers, protesting “It’s absolutely my list!”:

  1. South African national anthem (Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika)
  2. Hubert Parry – Jerusalem
  3. Paul Robeson – Ballad of Joe Hill
  4. A-ha – Take On Me
  5. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
  6. Robbie Williams – Angels
  7. Josh Ritter – Change of Time
  8. Edith Piaf – Je Ne Regrette Rien

If his list is spin then it is at least partially consistent spin.  During the Labour’s leadership election in 2010, Labour Uncut quizzed the hopefuls on their musical selections for a desert island.  From July 2010 to November 2013, half of Ed’s selection has remained consistent in respect of the song or artist.

But what was the first song chosen by his brother David, who is now running an international development charity based in New York City?


Ed had better hope his selection isn’t as prescient as his brother’s … otherwise he’ll be needing a Hebrew or Xhosa phrasebook.

David Cameron doesn’t know whether he’s sitting or standing

Having been known to miss-fire at PMQs when Cameron was on his knees, Scrapbook was pleased to see Ed Miliband skewer the prime minister on energy prices. So eager was Cameron to bring his inquisition to a close that he even rose to his feet before Miliband has finished.

This moment pretty much summed up the entire exchange.

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