Iain Duncan Smith has slammed Ed Balls for suggesting tradesmen should supply a receipt when accepting cash payments: “Here we have a man that would be the Chancellor who is wandering around saying Big Brother is going to watch you carefully that if you do any tax transactions and don’t keep receipts, somehow they’re going to […]

In his speech to Labour conference setting out priorities for what would be his first budget, Ed Balls found time to reference his football encounter with the Northern Echo’s Rob Merrick: “Boris [is] scrambling back to Westminster, preparing to elbow David Cameron out of the way. But the less said about elbows today the better.” Boom boom.

Boris Johnson used his “chickenfeed” £250,000-per-annum column in the Daily Telegraph today to lobby for lower taxes for millionaires. With Ed Balls pledging a 50p top rate of income tax for those earning more than £150,000, the alumnus of Eton and the Bullingdon Club thundered: “[Balls and Miliband] don’t understand that our whole economy and […]

The Tories last night selected Andrea Jenkyns as their candidate to face Ed Balls in Morley and Outwood: “She has spent over fifteen years in senior management working for multi-national companies, including a stint as International Business Development Manager for an executive management training company” Her bog-standard candidate CV then takes a turn for the surreal: […]

Unsurprisingly, Cameron’s script for today’s PMQs contained lines on Ed Ball’s anaemic performance in response to the autumn statement: “I’m surprised the shadow chancellor is shouting again. We learnt last week, like bullies all over the world, he can dish it out but he can’t take it” The session seemed to show Balls back to his usual […]

Having been accused of diving during a football match with journalists, it seems that Ed Balls will gain more plaudits from hacks playing the piano than playing than playing sport. The shadow chancellor — who passed his grade one piano exam three months ago — was challenged to entertain the media area of Labour conference by by […]

The often heated debate on the form that an inquiry into banking practices should take was broken up today by an impromptu display of affection — as Ed Balls blew Kisses across the chamber to Thatcher lookalike Anna Soubry. Scrapbook wonders what Yvette Cooper will make of the encounter.