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The rank hypocrisy of The Sun’s Philippines appeal

Sun Philippines appeal

Having launched a fundraising appeal in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan last Thursday, The Sun is certainly enjoying basking in the reflected glory of its readers’ generosity, photos of Cameron and Clegg texting to donate (below) and quotes sourced from celebrities’ PRs telling them how wonderful they are.

Cameron and Clegg text to donate

What a pity the newspaper spends the rest of the time campaigning for foreign aid to be CUT. Here’s a flavour of their coverage:

And while the above examples are from the reign of editor Dominic Mohan, the paper has maintained its stance on aid under his successor David Dinsmore.

They’re even at it today, with a page-two sidebar headed “Tory fury over foreign aid vows”:

“A BITTER Tory row was sparked last night after a minister insisted Britain should keep up its massive overseas aid spending after 2015.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said Britain should carry on handing out 0.7 per cent of its annual wealth in the next Parliament.

That would mean aid handouts of around £12billion a year until at least 2020 — while the country still struggles with its own big debts.”

Solution: Perhaps Greening can find a way for The Sun to take credit for DfID spending?


Editor of Sun ‘does an Andrew Mitchell’ at Downing Street gates

With his paper having led the charge against Andrew Mitchell for trying to bring his bicycle through the high security gates at Downing Street, odd that Sun editor Dominic Mohan would try the same thing with his car.

The arrogance was certainly there. The only difference appears to be the lack of swearing:


Along with other editors, Mohan was attending a post-Leveson summit at which collected hacks will presumably be scheming their way out of Brian’s recommendations.

As Channel 5’s Andy Bell observes, access of News International executives to Downing Street is clearly not what it once was.

Boris met with Sun editors – the day after Rebekah Brooks was arrested

Boris Johnson met with senior editors from The Sun in March — just one day after Rebekah Brooks was arrested in a dawn raid, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The news comes after sustained criticism of his closeness to NewsCorp while his police force were investigating hacking and his outgoing PR chief being courted for a senior role with Rupert Murdoch.

Perhaps the meeting with editor Dominic Mohan and political editor Tom Newton Dunn goes some way to explaining his botched cover-up when asked about planned News International sponsorship — ranting to a TV camera that questions on the issue were “fucking bollocks”.

Doubtless there is relief in some quarters that this didn’t leak during the election.

It's Mohan Wot Won It: a roundup of the early reaction

Dominic MohanAs widely tipped, former showbiz columnist Dominic Mohan is to take over the editorship of The Sun from Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade), who is leaving to become chief executive of its parent company News International.

George Eaton at the New Statesman leads with an analysis of what Mohan will find in his in tray, including handling the expected change in posture to supporting David Cameron in the run up to the next election:

One of the central challenges for Mohan will be to establish the paper’s political line ahead of the general election. As I’ve noted before, the Sun is now almost certain to defect to the Conservatives at the next election. The paper’s support for the Tories in the European election and their endorsement of Boris Johnson last year suggests we won’t be seeing red smoke emerge from the Sun’s Wapping HQ again.

Media Guardian is running with a slightly dreary biography but their article from earlier in the week is much better and includes details possible misgivings about Mohan’s appointment:

Reluctance from Murdoch, who is chairman and chief executive of parent company News Corporation, may explain the two-month delay in making the appointment. It was announced in June that Sun editor Rebekah Brooks (who dropped her maiden name, Wade, when she remarried), would become chief executive of the UK newspaper division, News International … If Mohan succeeds it will mean Brooks has persuaded both Murdochs her deputy is the right man, above candidates such as Daily Mirror editor, Richard Wallace, and Telegraph Media Group editor in chief Will Lewis … Brooks is thought to regard Mohan’s creativity and editing skills, even if he lacks her networking skills and ambassadorial charm.

Somewhat surprising given that everyone has known this was in the pipeline for months, most outlets are still in ‘regurgitate the press release’ mode. Brand Republic does a little bit better and gives details of the bookies faves:

Dominic Mohan — 1/7
Richard Wallace — 13/2
Victoria Newton — 10/1
Andy Coulson — 12/1
Chris Pharo — 14/1
Will Lewis — 14/1
Colin Myler — 20/1
Pete Picton — 18/1
Col Allan — 18/1
Gordon Smart — 20/1
Tina Weaver — 20/1
Paul Dacre — 25/1
Dawn Neesom — 33/1
Stefano Hatfield — 40/1
Kelvin Mackenzie — 50/1
Ellis Watson — 100/1
Piers Morgan — 100/1
Jeremy Paxman — 500/1

Mohan will start the role on 2 September, the day after Brooks edits her last paper.

Apologies for the obvious post title!

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