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Vice president of Tories’ Euro group: UKIP ‘dangerous when drunk’

Godfrey Bloom with Nigel Farage

The vice president of the Tories’ ECR grouping in the European Parliament has unleashed a broadside against UKIP, describing them as “hooligans” and “bar fighters”. Dutch MEP Derk-Jan Eppink told a press conference:

 “If they get drunk they get very dangerous”

Indeed. Here’s a video of UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom giving a speech under the influence of what he subsequently admitted to Scrapbook was a cocktail of alcohol and prescription painkillers:

Eppink also slammed Nigel Farage’s party for not turning up to votes, citing occasions on which the right-wing groupings have been “one or two votes short of stopping the left” — but lost divisions because UKIP were “not there”.

Most serious, however, is the allegation that UKIP takes European funding and “funnelled it into their party”.

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