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Fox News conspiracy theory: Obama is blackmailing General Petraeus

Apparently tiring of the endless mad reasons that Saint Romney lost to evil Obama last week, the tin-foil hat brigade over at Fox News have found a new conspiracy to latch onto: the General Petraeus sex scandal.

As demonstrated by the above video, the paragons of the American unelectable right think that the former CIA boss is being blackmailed by Obama to, erm, cover up the “truth” about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

“Truth” in this context meaning the paranoid rantings of the same people who claim Obama’s re-election is thanks to non-whites wanting “stuff”.

Army Strong: US general faints in committee hearing

There’s strong. Then there’s Army Strong™ … or so says the recruitment strapline devised by McCann International, which has the US army’s $200m recruitment contract.

This concept was today ably demonstrated by the head of the United States General Command, general David Petraeus, who fainted in the middle of a packed Senate hearing. Few would blame him, however, for taking some time out while John McCain droned on:

[iframe: src="http://widget.newsinc.com/single.htm?WID=2&VID=85765&freewheel=69016&sitesection=ndnsubss" width="425" height="320" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0"]

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