Image: Max Shanly David Cameron attempting to blame broadcasters for his own cowardice on TV debates was never a good idea. Lo and behold embarrassing clips have suddenly emerged from 2010 archives, when he was “absolutely delighted” by debates which were the “right” of voters: “I’m absolutely delighted that this is happening. “I think people have […]

So the Tories have launched their first paid billboard poster of the general election. It’s produced byM&C Saatchi, stewarded by Thatcher’s favourite ad gurus — and not a reheated Lynton Crosby effort from ten years ago. A recovering economy. Don't let Labour wreck it! — Grant Shapps MP (@grantshapps) March 2, 2015 Thankfully, the party […]

With Oxfordshire County Council set to be slammed by an inquiry into child and grooming rape tomorrow, the councillor with legal responsibility for children’s services during an eight year period of failure not only represents Witney West in David Cameron’s constituency, but is the daughter of his election agent, Barry Norton. The serious case review — described by an insider as “brutal” — is expected […]

Running the gauntlet of cameras outside the Conservative Party’s main pre-election fundraiser last night, numerous male guests were snapped arriving in dinner jackets and bow ties. But senior Tory politicians were not among their number, it seems. Posing for a selfie with a member of the ball committee, David Cameron — who is so desperate to shake his toff image that he considered shunning the […]

With the first episode of the BBC’s four-part documentary Inside The Commons broadcast last night, David Cameron was interviewed claiming that the Houses of Parliament — a royal palace and UNESCO world heritage site — look “half like a school”. After all, doesn’t everyone attend schools with chapels that, like the Palace of Westminster, are a noted examples of Perpendicular […]