One of the most remarked elements of Cameron’s conference keynote was the ‘angry’ section, in which he invoked the experience of NHS care for his disabled son, who tragically died in February 2009. Attacking what he called “complete and utter lies” promulgated at Labour conference last week, the PM jutted his jaw and grimaced: “I just think: HOW […]

The media have made much of the existential threat presented to David Cameron’s career in the event that the ‘No’ campaign lose the referendum. But before the polls tightened dramatically it was Salmond who getting asked about quitting. He told reporters in September: “No. We will continue to serve out the mandate we have been […]

David Cameron has displayed either skilful brinkmanship or a way with weasel words, depending on your point of view, in evading the question of the government’s interaction with tobacco-lobbyist-cum-Tory-spinmeister Lynton Crosby on plain cigarette packs. The revelation, in this weekend’s Observer, that Crosby had lobbied Lord Marland by email on 1 November 2012 has had critics […]

As unionist panic sets in (a second poll has shown the Scottish referendum campaigns neck-and-neck) serious attention is now being given to the personal consequences of a yes vote for those in Westminster and Holyrood. Along with more obvious candidates for defenestration — such as Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont — David Cameron himself is thought to be “in serious trouble” […]

With Ed Miliband slammed for not preparing a hand-written note on a WWI memorial poppy wreath — before it subsequently emerged that David Cameron was the only dignitary to have signed his ‘from’ card — this is a VERY awkward quote from Poppy Scotland: “Our normal procedure is that we would just send the cards directly […]

David Cameron’s nominee for the European Commission has been forced to announce the sale of his £375,000 shares in a lobbying group — just hours after Scrapbook highlighted a serious conflict of interest. NEW → Cameron's nominee for European commissioner holds shares in multiple EU lobbying firms — Political Scrapbook (@PSbook) July 16, 2014 .@David_Cameron You did […]

In what could be the Tories’ second high profile appointments cock-up this week, it turns out that David Cameron’s nominee for the UK’s next European commissioner owns shares in multiple EU lobbying firms. Before leading the House of Lords, Lord (Jonathan) Hill had an extremely lucrative career as a lobbyist, co-founding the public affairs outfit Quiller. He now has a stake in […]