Number 10 may come under pressure to account for their arrangements with an adviser to David Cameron — who reportedly persuaded counterparts in Washington DC to adopt an events scheme run by his lobbyist girlfriend. Former entertainment industry executive Mike Weatherley entered the Commons in 2010 pledging to be “a parliamentary champion of film and music”. He won’t have disappointed his former bosses, setting up […]

A double whammy of grim NHS privatisation stats today: David Cameron in January 2006: “the NHS is safe in my hands” The reality eight years later? “Of 3,494 contracts awarded by 182 Clinical Commissioning Groups in England between April 2013 and August 2014, 33% went to the private sector. And there’s more. Former health secretary […]

10 Downing Street used public money to bail out a charity run by a party donor, a damning report by the National Audit Office has revealed. Having used the Charities Act to avoid running a competitive process to run the Big Society Awards, the Cabinet Office had already spaffed £350,000 in public funding on the Big Society […]

It must have seemed like such a good idea back in Spring 2010: an election “contract” between the Tories and voters, including immigration — on which Cameron is now taking an absolute battering. “We go into the general election on 6 May with trust in politics and politicians at an all-time low … For too long, […]

As the former enfant terrible of government advisers — and no less of an embarrassment to the Tories having left the employ of Michael Gove — Dominic Cummings was destined to give good quote in his speech (VIDEO) to wonkers IPPR yesterday afternoon: “[Number 10] operate in a bubble in which it is at most 10 days […]

With under a week to go until polling day in Rochester and Strood, the Tories are ramping up their attacks on UKIP defector Mark Reckless. Not only does their latest leaflet (above) recall the most notorious campaign literature in British by-election history — but attacks him for having the CV of a not untypical Tory MP: Born […]

Having told their MPs they ‘could go off to supper’ until a vote at 10pm, a wrong-footed Tory whipping operation was then forced to drag them all back in again this evening to avoid a defeat by rebels on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The MPs recalled included David Cameron — who was dressed in white […]

West Yorkshire Police have claimed that ‘a jogger’ was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” after a running man collided with the David Cameron and his security detail after a meeting in Leeds today. With reports breaking online (but no video footage) West Yorkshire Police — who presumably had some responsibility for the […]