Photo: Phil Wintercross/Telegraph Having failed to perform any due diligence on their controversial UKIP defector Amjad Bashir MEP, the Tories are rushing to secure the stable door — beginning with deleting Bashir’s Twitter. There’s little wonder. Here’s what was previously on the front page of his website. Employment policies which make it impossible to employ [sic]. 1) Maternity leave. 2) […]

With his secretary of state for communities under fire over his anti-extremism letter to Muslim leaders, David Cameron rushed to Eric Pickles’ aid with the following sound bite: “Anyone, frankly, reading this letter who has a problem with it, I think really has a problem. Anyone who has a problem with Pickles Imams letter "really has a problem", […]

After attempting to ban spanking porn from the interwebs, encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp could be the next victim of David Cameron’s technological idiocy. His demands that there should be “no means of communication [which the security services] cannot read”  would mean that: British software companies would be banned from producing secure software China-style deep packet inspection of British internet traffic […]

Number 10 may come under pressure to account for their arrangements with an adviser to David Cameron — who reportedly persuaded counterparts in Washington DC to adopt an events scheme run by his lobbyist girlfriend. Former entertainment industry executive Mike Weatherley entered the Commons in 2010 pledging to be “a parliamentary champion of film and music”. He won’t have disappointed his former bosses, setting up […]

A double whammy of grim NHS privatisation stats today: David Cameron in January 2006: “the NHS is safe in my hands” The reality eight years later? “Of 3,494 contracts awarded by 182 Clinical Commissioning Groups in England between April 2013 and August 2014, 33% went to the private sector. And there’s more. Former health secretary […]