You think Daniel “scrap the NHS” Hannan is unhinged? It has emerged that David Cameron may be more or less obligated to entertain a divisive foreign figure aligned with the nutjob right of his own party. That’s right, Sarah Palin is lining up a trip to the UK! Her Facebook note entitiled “Concerning a possible trip to the […]

The document below underscores the central role of the TaxPayers’ Alliance within the Conservative/libertarian right in the UK. The pressure group not only provides tediously repetitive quotes to lazy journalists (“this is a slap in the face for taxpayers blah blah” ) but organises regular off-the-record round table discussions for its right-wing friends. Much of […]

With Messrs Hannan, Helmer and their friends preaching the “collective flight from reality” of climate change, the “60 year mistake” of the NHS and equivocating on gay rights, David Cameron may be praying the volcanic ash cloud remains – over Aéroport de Strasbourg and Bruxelles-National, at least: Cameron’s MEPs are his political equivalent of the […]

Ladies and gentlemen, Donal Blaney has left the building! The credentials of the UK’s #11 Conservative blogger as a freedom-to-offend commentator in the Rush Limbaugh mould were left in tatters yesterday after he pulled his blog at the behest of CCHQ. Visitors craving for the stylings of this p*** poor Richard Littlejohn are now greeted with the following: So, […]

UPDATE 13:22 Paul Waugh reports Cameron has just issued a non-denial denial on the “manifesto mandate” for EU renegotiation. When Tim Montgomerie told a conference fringe event that ConservetiveHome would be “more disciplined” in the run up to the next general election, what he actually mean was that he’d be threatening civil war if he […]

Daniel Hannan on why an MP’s status as a millionaire has no relevance to the character of their expense claims: “If we are going to pay people according to their needs this was a system practised in certain states between 1918 and 1989.” Give this man a keynote speech! Hat tip: Manchester blogger Grace Fletcher-Hackwood