The Daily Mail has been forced to issue a correction for a column by justice secretary Chris Grayling, which claimed that some European Court of Human Rights judges are not “legally qualified”: “These are not great principles of human rights. They are decisions taken by a Court, made up of people who are not by any means […]

The Daily Mail have been forced to retract claims made about flights and buses being “fully booked” with economic migrants from Romania and Bulgaria. As restrictions on workers from the EU accession countries were set to expire on 1 January, the paper ran a story headlined “Sold out! Flights and buses full as Romanians and Bulgarians head […]

With Labour Party’s latest party political broadcast turning the screw further on energy prices, the Tories have dispatched uber right-winger Priti Patel to claim — in the Daily Mail — that the film features lefties ‘masquerading as ordinary people’: “Labour’s party political broadcast would be a lot more effective if they used real people rather than their […]

Showing a remarkable determination to become a satire of itself, today’s Daily Mail reckons that women doctors are a liability to the NHS: “reports have found hospitals are facing staff shortages as a result of junior doctors becoming pregnant as soon as they receive their first secure job.” “The new figures are likely to fuel fears […]