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Scared white Tories: ‘Immigration petition’ MPs have 50% less migrants

Express immigration petition splash

Conservative MPs are pictured delivering an immigration petition to Downing Street on the front of the Daily Express this morning. Not only are they all white — but census statistics reveals that the Little Englanders’ constituencies have HALF the immigration of the rest of their nation.

The 2011 census shows that 8.3% of people in England are non-British, but just 4.2% — or around one in 24 — of citizens from the MPs’ constituencies are from other nationalities. The group of seven includes perennial right-wing crackpots such as Philip Davies, Peter Bone and Douglas Carswell. But just one of their number, St Albans MP Anne Main — can claim to have above average immigration (with barely two percent more).

Carswell gushed:

“Thank goodness for the Daily Express putting on the agenda an issue that’s on everyone’s mind outside Westminster”

Like in his constituency of Clacton … where one in 46 of his constituents are non-home nation nationals.

Tory MP calls parliamentary catering staff “servants”

Christopher Chope

Right-wing Tory backbencher Christopher Chope is probably wishing he had chosen his words better at Business Questions this morning:

In contrast with Andrew Mitchell’s contested “pleb” outburst, there is no denying the parliamentary record.

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