A simply astonishing column from Chris Huhne in today’s Guardian, in which he uses the jailing of Andy Coulson as a proxy to whinge about his own encounter with the criminal justice system: “The custodial sentences are ridiculous; they serve no public purpose. The conviction itself will be the most severe part of Coulson’s punishment. […]

A Liberal Democrat from Eastleigh has been jailed again — but it’s not Chris Huhne this time. Naked rambler Stephen Gough, who announced support for the Coalition party during the recent by-election, is going back to prison again for breaching his ASBO. Gough has spent more than six years in prison for choosing not to wear […]

Chris Huhne’s political corpse is still warm but the coalition hostilities in Eastleigh (and Westminster) have already begun — starting with Tory attempts to knife a potential Lib Dem candidate. In the last few minutes, activists have had an email from the Tory HQ campaigning department asking them to man phone lines to Hampshire from […]

As Chris Huhne pleads guilty to perverting the course of justice in his speeding ticket trial, Scrapbook notes the Crown Prosecution Service sentencing range: The sentence could be suspended … … but changing his plea late on won’t have helped the former energy secretary. UPDATE: We hope he likes porridge Judge “He should be under […]