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‘Wind turbines hurt birds’ says Tory MP (after admitting there’s no proof)

This video from Greenpeace shows Conservative MP, and leader of the anti-wind turbine brigade, Chris Heaton-Harris telling an undercover journalist that he hadn’t “seen any half decent research” on the negative effects of turbines on birds. Heaton-Harris goes on to tell Greenpeace two weeks later that, erm, “there are international studies pointing at this“.

Perhaps Heaton-Harris can enlighten us as to which “international studies” he read in the intervening period.

RSPB hit out at Heaton-Harris »

Ask a stupid question about wind farms, get tipped for ministerial job

A foaming-at-the-mouth campaign against wind farms by Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris saw him tipped for a ministerial job by The Telegraph yesterday. On the basis of his questions in parliament, however, this does not augur well for the intellectual calibre of those to be drafted into government by David Cameron.

In a written question to the coalition’s DCLG team, Heaton-Harris asked:

“… if a wind energy company has proposed turbines for a sites but has not yet submitted a planning application, such proposals are deemed to be in the planning system.”

This is functionally equivalent to asking if someone will be considered for a job if they haven’t applied for it. Heaton-Harris evidently believes the planning system covers ideas.

Bear in mind each of these questions — the answers to many of which can easily be found online — costs the taxpayer £168.

Perhaps someone should introduce him to Google?

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