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ABC News ask leading Republican ‘are you too fat to be president’?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie rose to global prominence in late October and early November after his constant praise for Barack Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy led to accusations he was trying to skewer Mitt Romney. Christie fancied a crack at the GOP nomination in four years, his critics argued, which would be almost impossible with a Republican in the Whitehouse.

It was down to ABC News’ Barbara Walters to pop the question which persists in much discussion of Christies’ prospects, however:

“There are people that say you couldn’t be president because you’re so heavy”

Christie is thought to weigh in at around 330 pounds, making him the approximate equal of William H. Taft, the fattest US president ever.

Taft had an oversize bathtub installed in the Whitehouse after he got stuck in a normal sized one.

Scrapbook’s guide to the Republican Convention (part II)

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The Star is Born Moment?

Like Obama’s speech at the 2004 DNC, almost every convention holds a glimpse of the party’s future. US prime-time begins at about 5am over here, but there are a few speeches that’ll be worth YouTubing over cereal the next morning.

The smart money for the rousing barnstormer is on Tea Party poster boy Marco Rubio, who was tipped by many for the VP pick and is pretty much guaranteed to run in 2016/2020. But New Jersey governor Chris Christie, headlining Tuesday night, has a reputation for being something of a mean spirited Boris Johnson:

Blunt, acerbic and often intentionally funny — Christie told CBS he had no plans to tone himself down for the national stage, saying:

“They know what they’re buying.”

To be absolutely sure they do know what they’re buying, Christie put together a document of his time as NJ Governor expressed in numbers.

It listed one hurricane, three Springsteen concerts and 327,832 David Letterman Fat Jokes.

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