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Tory MP: “We have to thank the rich” as they “bear the biggest burden”

The Conservative Party hasn’t been left wanting for people going off message recently, and with elections looming tomorrow it’s unlikely CCHQ will thank one of their Essex MPs heaping praise on the richest in society as maligned martyrs to the national interest.

Brooks Newmark, a former whip and Treasury minister, told business news site London Loves Business:

“We have to thank the rich for the contribution they make to our country… My own perspective on the argument is the top 1% of the country are bearing the biggest burden.”

Newmark presumably means people himself — a former city banker, estimated to be worth some £3.2 million — when he complains about the burdens on the richest.

Doubtless his postbag will is bulging at the seams with ‘thank you’ messages.

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