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Tory offices targeted with faeces

Bad smell

Conservative councillors in Brighton are up in arms after someone left a poo on the floor of their City Hall office. According to the Brighton Argus:

“The excrement was found on the floor of the unlocked second floor office on Thursday and reported immediately … Only people with a swipe card or official visitors who have to sign in at the front desk can access that part of the building.”

Worryingly, the news comes just six months after a turd was found heated in a microwave used by council workers in another building.

As it has not been established whether the faeces was human or animal in origin, it remains a possibility that a councillor may have, errr, “lost their deposit” on the floor of the opposition office.

Tory member Dawn Barnet suggested the culprit was a political opponent:

“We understand there’s always a few digs from other parties and opponents but this is disgusting.”

At least it wasn’t a smear campaign.

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