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Tory MP slams Osborne: ‘most of his bloody projects aren’t working!’

A Tory MP has launched a scathing attack on George Osborne and the treasury, accusing the government of failing to listen and having “total incomprehension” of the business world. Brian Binley, who made his fortune in IT services, lambasted the treasury for ploughing on with failing monetary policies.

In an interview with the website LondonLovesBusiness.com, Binley blasted:

“When you look at the Treasury, most of their bloody projects aren’t working! That’s through their total incomprehension of what it takes to be an executive in a big business unit.”

Osborne may have reason to listen to backbencher Binley — who sits on just about every parliamentary business committee in existence:

“This isn’t just about economic facts and figures, it’s about the way humans react as well. I don’t believe that George has taken those factors into account in any sense at all.”

And if you didn’t think he could veer any further off message, he then turns the attack on Cameron: “keeping Nick Clegg sweet is too high a price to pay”, goes for the general coalition: “this is the worst kind of government imaginable” before topping it off with an industry-wide slap in the face: “weasel words come easily to politicians”.

Promotion prospects? Minimal.

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