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George Galloway yells at teenager: “I don’t want your f*cking vote”

Video has emerged of George Galloway verbally abusing a teenager — who accuses the Respect Party founder of grabbing and shaking him by the shoulders.

17 year-old Khasim Ahmed was minding his dad’s electronics shop when he became involved in an exchange with the Bradford MP:

“All I said to him was, ‘Where have you been for the last two years, George Galloway?’”

“He grabbed my shoulder and shook my shoulder.”

We’re sure the Respect candidates standing locally will be thanking him.

What Eric Pickles looked like in 1987

Ever wondered what the Communities Secretary looked like with a full(ish) head of hair? Going through press clippings hoarded by a deceased Labour activist in Pickles’ native West Yorkshire, blogger Alex Ross has uncovered the following picture of the then Bradford councillor:

A year after this picture was taken, Pickles and the Conservative grouping seized control of Bradford Council using the Mayor’s casting vote.  He then commenced a five-year plan to cut the budget by £50m, slash the workforce and privatise public services.

Some things never change.


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