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Seriously ill woman confronted Clegg on Bedroom Tax 10 MONTHS AGO

  • Clegg finally calls for reform of hated Bedroom Tax
  • But victim with illness confronted him nearly year ago
  • Used small ‘spare’ bedroom to store oxygen concentrators

Just watch him trying to weasel his way out of it on the detail by asking her about Discretionary Housing Payments — which she had already been refused.

Bid to exempt domestic violence ‘safe rooms’ from Bedroom Tax

  • Domestic violence victims pay Bedroom Tax for ‘safe room’
  • 280 homes with special secure areas hit with hated charge
  • MP bids to change rules with Commons motion

Bedroom Tax on domestic violence 'safe rooms'

With domestic violence victims up there with kidney dialysis patients in having specialist facilities deemed to be ‘spare’ bedrooms — an MP is bidding to exempt ‘safe rooms’ from the Bedroom Tax this afternoon.

Alison Seabeck’s motion — Safe and Sanctuary Rooms (Exemption from Under-occupancy Penalty) — looks to exempt women with strong bolts on the doors and bars on the windows of a ‘spare bedroom’ from having to pay for the privilege of safety.

After Lib Dems voted to support the Bedroom Tax in November — and even voted down an exemption for households with disabled children –Tim Farron heralded an apparent reverse ferret on the issue in February, telling Inside Housing:

“I do not expect our party to support this policy unreformed, we must take time to fix it, learn some lessons and make sure that it doesn’t hurt the most vulnerable in our communities.”

So how about ‘taking some time to fix it’ by supporting this motion at 12:30?

Top Tory: Tenants stuck with £832 Bedroom Tax are ‘success story’

Cllr Harry Phibbs on the Bedroom Tax

A leading Tory in local government has dubbed the Bedroom Tax is a ‘success’ – citing figures from a housing association showing that nine in ten victims of the ‘under occupancy penalty’ have been unable to move home.

In a blog entitled ‘Another spare room subsidy cut success story, Hammersmith and Fulham councillor and Conservative Home columnist Harry Phibbs boasts about figures from Orbit Housing showing that 89% of the tenants originally hit with the hated charge are still having to stump up an average of £832 per year.

The proportion of tenants left with nowhere to downsize come as little surprise given that the borough (where Phibbs is an executive member) is at the front line of the housing crisis. Figures for the area show that 77% of social houses sold off under the right-to-buy scheme are the smaller properties which Bedroom Tax victims would need to avoid the charge.

If this is Phibbs’ definition of ‘success’ Scrapbook dreads to think what failure looks like.

DWP minister accidentally calls Bedroom Tax the ‘Bedroom Tax’

A millionaire government minister (the one who tried to blame charities for a rise in food bank use) put his foot in it yesterday — by using the term ‘Bedroom Tax’ instead of the usual Orwellian euphemisms.

Rather than using the government-approved phrases  ‘under occupancy charge’ or ‘spare room subsidy’ Lord Freud told peers yesterday:

“We will produce an interim report later this year, as I said, and we will bring forward next year the full report on what has been happening with the bedroom tax.”

Not his best performance.

Freud by name, fraud by nature …

Lord Freud: the minister who blamed charities for food bank use.

Official: Bedroom Tax is failure

Iain Duncan Smith

All you need to know about the Bedroom Tax:

1 July 2013:

Liam Byrne: Will the Secretary of State tell the House whether he thinks the bedroom tax is proving a runaway success?

Iain Duncan Smith: It is proving a success, because what it is doing—[Laughter.] No. What it is doing is finally shining a light on the previous Government’s failure to sort out the mess in social housing

28 March 2014:

New research reveals that the Bedroom Tax has failed to achieve its main objective of forcing victims to move to smaller homes. Employment minister claims hated policy is “not a failure”

At least they’re managing to deliver on Universal Credit … errr …

Iain Duncan Smith and DWP still in fantasy land on Bedroom Tax

Bedroom tax

Iain Duncan Smith has slammed the door on victims of the bedroom tax hoping to reclaim their charges for a so-called ‘spare bedroom’. A loophole in legislation underpinning the hated tax was closed yesterday after tenants claiming housing benefit continuously since before 1 January 1996 had been able to get their money back.

And with the drafting error just one of several monumental cock-ups plaguing the department, the DWP is still insisting that just 5,000 people were affected — in the face of counter-claims by housing experts.

This is odd to say the least with the news that 300 tenants have claimed back £214,000 in south Essex alone.

Don’t trust anything on DWP until it’s been officially denied.

Bedroom Tax fightback: judge rules dining room is NOT ‘spare’ bedroom

Iain Duncan Smith bedroom tax

A victim of the Bedroom Tax has struck a legal blow against the hated charge after officials wrongly claimed that his dining room was a ‘spare bedroom’. The news comes after countless vulnerable tenants have seen living and storage areas bizarrely reclassified.

As Scrapbook reported back in November, families have been left facing hardship after downstairs living areas have been suddenly designated as bedrooms. And in perhaps the most shocking case of its kind, even rooms reserved for medical purposes such kidney dialysis have been reclassified under Iain Duncan Smith’s policy.

But a judge in the case of an unnamed victim in Rochdale told a Bedroom Tax tribunal:

“On the evidence I am persuaded he has always used the second room as a dining room and regards the property as one-bedroomed.”

With the case brought with the aid of Citizens Advice Bureau, the ruling could open the floodgates to a mass rebellion against unfair reclassifications.

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