With UKIP outspending the Conservatives in January’s Oldham by-election one might assume they deployed similar largesse to secure a shock second place in Barnsley Central last week. Denying an obvious excuse for the Conservatives’ (bad) and Liberal Democrats’ (appalling) results, however, a senior UKIP source told Scrapbook the party spent “about half as much”. While official figures from Oldham show […]

A fall in support from 6,394 votes on 6 May 2010 to 1,102 last night represents a collapse in vote share of more than 75% for the Liberal Democrats, whose campaign team return to Cowley Street without their £500 deposit. We look forward with interest to Nick Clegg’s arrival at the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ annual conference […]

With Darren Gough spurning David Cameron’s advances, turning down the opportunity to be the Tories’ candidate in Barnsley Central, Scrapbook wonders whether the cricketer’s “cost cutting” reputation preceded him. With more than 1,500 Barnsley Council employees being informed their jobs are at risk, Gough’s franchise as the public face of the Costcutter supermarket chain could […]