Fox Nation — the website operated by Fox News for people that don’t think the channel is right wing enough — are currently reporting on the selfie taken at the Nelson Mandela memorial by Barack Obama, David Cameron and “an unidentified official” — or as the rest of the world likes to call her, the prime minister of Denmark, […]

If Gordon Brown had a catchphrase it would be the wooden utterance — often delivered for the benefit of party activists or public sector workers — thanking them “for all that they do”. Signing a “G8 quilt” made by primary school children alongside Barack Obama today, Cameron seems to have tapped his predecessor for inspiration. […]

Apparently tiring of the endless mad reasons that Saint Romney lost to evil Obama last week, the tin-foil hat brigade over at Fox News have found a new conspiracy to latch onto: the General Petraeus sex scandal. As demonstrated by the above video, the paragons of the American unelectable right think that the former CIA boss […]

Mitt Romney’s prospects in the US elections have taken another blow, with president Obama pulling away in polling. In the 12 national surveys of voting intention published yesterday, the incumbent led by an average of 1.6 percent, gaining ground in all but one: While Romney still has the chance to win the popular vote, the […]

With Obama’s ambitions for bipartisanship faltering during the course of his first term, perhaps he is now looking to practice this further afield? The US president seems to have synthesised Ed Miliband’s One Nation theme with David Cameron’s “in this together” refrain in recent campaign trail speeches: President Obama: “We’re all in this together. We […]

Mitt Romney’s politicising of national disasters during the US presidential campaign has previously come in for significant criticism, but now it’s looking like he’s doing it again in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Whilst Barack Obama has been winning cross-party plaudits for his statesmanlike response, his Republican challenger has been left trying to catch up. […]