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Andrew Robathan the blue dinosaur

After exposure for attempting to throw a female MP out of a lift reserved for MPs, defence minister Andrew Robathan was then hit by revelations he tried to force a post-natal colleague to vote in person rather than be “nodded through” by whips as is the courtesy afforded to new mothers. Shadow climate secretary Meg Hilllier told Sophy Ridge:

“I was gobsmacked to be challenged in this way – it was like stepping back in time. You don’t expect that reaction in the modern world. When I told him that I was post natal, he actually demanded to know how many weeks!”

With evidence mounting that the South Leicestershire MP belongs to some prehistoric age, Scrapbook has gone through the archives to examine his  record in Parliament. During his career, he’s voted:

If it looks like a dinosaur, behaves like a dinosaur and votes like a dinosaur, then it’s probably Andrew Robathan.

Tory minister who tried to throw female MP out of lift exposed

On Wednesday Scrapbook reported the sorry tale of a Tory MP who attempted to throw a younger female colleague out of a lift reserved for MPs. The old duffer concerned has now been exposed as Conservative defence minister Andrew Robathan.

Presumably assuming the 34 year-old Walthamstow MP was a lowly parliamentary staffer, Robathan chastised Stella Creasy for using the members-only facility and demanded to see her pass:

The apology subsequently offered to Creasy in the tea room seems somewhat hollow given that the minister still denied to the Telegraph that he had behaved rudely:

“I was not rude to her at all. Not unreasonably there are some lifts that are for MPs and wheelchair users only. I challenged two people who I had never set eyes on.”

Forgive our cynicism, but Scrapbook finds it hard to believe Robathan, whose previous exploits include conspiring to block a Private Member’s Bill on debt relief “vulture funds”, would have challenged a middle-aged man.

Nasty man. Nasty party.


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