A double whammy of grim NHS privatisation stats today: David Cameron in January 2006: “the NHS is safe in my hands” The reality eight years later? “Of 3,494 contracts awarded by 182 Clinical Commissioning Groups in England between April 2013 and August 2014, 33% went to the private sector. And there’s more. Former health secretary […]

Faced with the prospect of a crushing defeat at the hands of Lords crossbenchers, the coalition has been forced into a humiliating climbdown on the Lobbying Bill.  And with the legislation — the parliamentary charge of Andrew Lansley — now the subject of a six-week pause, it’s worth remembering the last time this happened and who […]

A private equity tycoon linked to £300,000 in donations to the Conservative Party has been given a peerage and a job in government. John Nash is the new education minister, replacing Lord Hill — the peer who tried (and ineptly failed) to resign from the government but has now finds himself the Tories’ leader in the Other Place. […]

The CEO of the US bank accused of “scheming” with Iran to dodge economic sanctions is a top executive at the Department for Health. Peter Sands was appointed lead non-executive director at DH by, erm, Andrew Lansley last year. Sands served as CEO of Standard Chartered bank from 2006, which overlapped with the 2001-2010 period […]

A member of the government has taken to Twitter to attack Andrew Lansley over the closure of a specialist children’s heart unit at a hospital near her constituency, claiming that the health secretary had refused to meet with local MPs before making the decision. Nicky Morgan, PPS to universities minister David Willetts, said she was […]

If you thought the NHS restructuring document we on Tuesday evening on our earlier post looked confusing, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Highlighted on Twitter yesterday, Lansley’s Commissioning Board Special Health Authority have published a mind-boggling flow-chart they call the Commissioning Intelligence Model (full version). The chart lists a whopping 70 questions which NHS execs […]

The coalition’s NHS reforms will sweep away bureaucracy, insisted Robert Halfon MP today in the latest attempt to shore up a fatally wounded Andrew Lansley. He obviously hasn’t seen the chaotic plans for NHS London leaked to investigative journalist David Hencke. Lansley’s reforms will abolish the binary system of Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities, […]