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CCHQ fingerprints on selection to replace Nazi shame MP

Amanda Milling with Boris Johnson

The influence of Tory HQ can be felt on the selection to replace disgraced Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley MP — with the Conservatives picking an ally of Grant Shapps’ parliamentary bag carrier as their new candidate in Cannock Chase.

While announcements for the selection of Amanda Milling (above with Boris) featured the usual spin about her tenuous connections with the seat, her links with the Tory charman’s PPS Jake Berry are arguably the key factor in securing the nomination.

Milling is a deputy council group leader and chief campaigner in Berry’s seat and the internet is replete with pictures of them campaigning together. Could it be that Conservative top brass were so desperate for a safe pair of hands in Cannock that they ‘encouraged’ a candidate known personally to a CCHQ figure to run for the seat?

She certainly didn’t feel the need to do much campaigning. Her website is still boasting of her deep local roots in Rossendale and pictures of Lancashire countryside — two hours’ drive up the M6 from Cannock.

Amanda Milling website

Scrapbook wishes Cllr Milling luck in her campaign.

If recent events in Cannock Conservative Association are anything to go by, she’ll need it.

Ski trip Nazi shame MP warns of ‘foreign travel that goes wrong’

Aidan Burley BBC News

An epic self awareness fail from vote-repelling Tory Aidan Burley while recycling a travel industry press release for his website:

“It is very important to make sure that when you do travel overseas, you are covered if something goes wrong. It is just not worth taking the risk.”

While Scrapbook is reassured to hear that the French stag do he organised had more to cover the guests than Nazi uniforms, it’s perhaps worth reflecting on the uncharacteristic quiet since he decided to quit parliament in 2015.

Attempting to kickstart his parliamentary career by adopting the role of a front line Tory attack dog (he is still the nominal chair of the so-called Trade Union Reform Campaign) here’s a flavour of how he’s managing to fill his time these days:

Accidental Partridge?

Nazi shame MP Aidan Burley now destroying his own local party

Taxi for Aidan Burley

Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley MP has launched a broadsideagainst the leader of his own local Conservative group. In the latest sign that the Tories’ operation in Cannock has succumbed to chaotic infighting, disgraced Burley says that Cllr Paul Snape had been “rude”, “aggressive” and had created a “toxic atmosphere”.

The news comes after claims from Snape that Burley hadn’t spoken to local Tories in more than four months, a suggestion Burley now brands “a lie, and a false claim.” His fiancée, Cllr Jodie Jones, compounded local election losses by resigning the Conservative whip, leaving their group trailing UKIP on the council.

He ranted to his local paper:

“From what I can tell Paul has created a toxic atmosphere within the Conservative Group, and has been rude and aggressive to Jodie on a number of occasions.

“It is largely his fault that she no longer feels able to be part of his toxic environment, and he should reflect on how his own behaviour has made her feel unable to continue as a Conservative councillor.

Of all the MPs to accuse someone of lying.

Aidan Burley isn’t speaking to local Tories, councillor fiancée quits

Taxi for Aidan Burley

Disgraced Tory MP Aidan Burley — who was forced to stand down after the next election after Scrapbook brought his Nazi-themed activities to the attention of the French police — is alienated from his local Conservative Party such that he hasn’t spoken to them in four months.

The news comes as Labour takes back control of the local council — helped along by Burley’s fiancée (the former chair of the local party) quitting the Tories and going independent.

Rob Golledge of the local Express and Star newspaper was at the count:

They’d probably better update the imprint on their website then.

Free lap dances and champagne for Burley’s Oxford drinking club

  • Elitist Oxford drinking society given ‘free lap dances and champagne’ by Tory-supporting strip club mogul
  • Peter Stringfellow boasts ‘one of them could be Prime Minister’
  • Disgraced MP Aidan Burley was former president of King Charles Club, which is banned from university premises
  • Students hosted Stringfellow at Conservative Party’s establishment venue Carlton Club

King Charles Club in Stringfellows

An elitist Oxford University drinking society are treated to dinners with “as much champagne as they want” and free lap dances by Tory-supporting strip club mogul Peter Stringfellow, it has been revealed.

While Scrapbook reported three years ago on the antics of disgraced Tory MP Aidan Burley as president of the King Charles Club (KCC) this is the first time that specifics of their outings to the seedy strip bar have been disclosed.

A picture of 73 year-old Stringfellow alongside members of the KCC — apparently taken in the Conservative Party’s quasi-official club, the Carlton – is featured on the strip bar’s website (NSFW) alongside a picture of a fully nude woman and the following quote:

“I feel very honoured to be its Honorary President and have been for the past 13 years. So look carefully at this photo as there is every chance one of these guys will be one of our future Prime Ministers”

King Charles Club on Stringfellows website

Intriguingly Stringfellow reveals he is linked with two other “high-profile drinking societies in Oxford” — but won’t say which ones because “Anything that happens in the club” is kept secret.

Can readers shed any light on the matter?

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Guess what’s missing from Aidan Burley’s ‘in the media’ page …

Aidan Burley 'in the media' page

You have to feel for MPs. Despite a staffing budget of £137,200 some still struggle to keep their websites up to date.

Take poor Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley. His website contains a section called “Aidan in the media”, which boasts press clippings from an exciting “selection of recent media appearances”:

With more press coverage than virtually any other Tory backbencher, however, here’s how the section might look if his staff had the time to read the Sunday papers:

Aidan Burley website (updated version)

Scrapbook is certainly encouraged to discover that his enthusiasm for fancy dress does not end with Nazi uniforms.

Aidan Burley to sue Mail on Sunday?

Nazi costume enthusiast Aidan Burley has told his local paper that he will sue anyone who says that he was sacked by David Cameron.

The Mail on Sunday had better lawyer up then:

Mail on Sunday claims Aidan Burley sacked by Cameron

It’s a wonder that he still has a reputation to defend.

Tory MP Aidan Burley to quit over Nazi stag do shame

  • Scrapbook set legal process in train by tipping of SOS Racisme
  • We were first to expose his inconsistent story in January 2012
  • Burley complained to a pal: “They know everything about me”

Aidan Burley - David Cameron

Nazi party organiser and Tory MP for Cannock Chase Aidan Burley is to step down at the next election:

His statement in full:

“It was a wonderful surprise to win the seat of Cannock Chase in May 2010 with the biggest swing in the country and it has been a huge privilege to represent the people of Cannock Chase in Parliament over the past four years. I am grateful to all those who voted for me and supported our campaign which led to our famous victory, winning a seat which had been held by Labour for 18 years. In particular I would like to thank my Agent Ian Collard, without whom none of this would have been possible, and who has been my rock of support since being selected as the Conservative Candidate in July 2008.

I am proud to have been able to deliver many positive things for our area since our election success, including spearheading the campaign to save Cannock Chase Hospital from the administrators axe, running four local Jobs Fayres to help get people back into work, and securing £35 million to electrify the Chase Line. That is what really matters to local people in their day to day lives.

After a difficult time I have decided to announce I will stand down at the next general election. I will continue to work for the people of Cannock Chase until that election, and look forward to supporting my successor, as soon as he or she is selected, to ensure that Labour have no chance of re-taking this seat.”

The case ended up in a French court in December, two years after Scrapbook tipped off anti-racism campaigners SOS Racisme about the vile antics to which Burley was a party. Mark Fournier, who was fined €2,500 in the case, says the SS uniform he wore to his stag party was hired for him by Burley.

For Burley, the war is over. We’ll be raising a glass in celebration — but probably not toasting the Third Reich, though.

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