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Lib Dem blogger Irfan Ahmed: families of dead soldiers profit from their demise

UPDATE: It seems this Scrapbook post finally did it for poor Irfan, who has been defenestrated by Cowley Street. See the full details here.

Wootton Bassett

A rambling post on lettergate: so far so Irfan Ahmed, who criticises the “petty attacks on Brown” over supposed spelling mistakes in his note to Jacqui Janes. Correct. But the Liberal Democrat blogger then goes on to make a shocking attack on families of dead soldiers, who he accuses of profiting financially from their demise:

“The parents of the lost children have enjoyed the nice salaries that their children have been earning from the army” – Irfan Ahmed

This is, in the words of Pam Nash who flagged this up, “truly appalling”.

Irfan has form for overreaching himself and a habit of disappearing his controversial posts down the memory hole. He defended the practice of senior Asian men deciding how the women in some households will vote with an argument which went something along the lines of “if you don’t know anything about politics…”. When this was attacked by other Lib Dems as misogynist and, erm, illiberal he discovered the delete button. He needn’t bother this time as Scrapbook has already grabbed a copy.


Pawns in the game: The Sun has form for putting words in people's mouths (whether they agree to it or not)

The point when your newspaper outflanks Nadine Dorries is arguably a good one to pause for reflection. Opinion appears to be crystallising around the view that The Sun newspaper’s coverage of the prime minister’s so-called “insulting” letter of condolence to the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan has rather less to do with that conflict and ‘our boys’ than, in the words of The Independent, “a vicious and unfair personal attack”. Next Left has a rundown of coverage on the blogs and the media – even The Sun’s former political editor has reservations.

This whole debacle reminds Scrapbook that The Sun has form for putting words in people’s mouths whether they like it or not. Media lecturer John Tulloch was astonished to see his bloodied face alongside a supposed quotation of support for new anti-terror legislation.

The Sun front page: tell Tony he's right

“It’s incredibly ironic that the Sun’s rhetoric is as the voice of the people yet they don’t actually ask the people involved, the victims, what they think” – 7/7 victim John Tulloch

The newspaper has already pointed to the fact that they were approached by the bereaved mother, rather than the other way around. But this doesn’t change the fact that they are using this woman’s grief as cover to pursue a vendetta against Gordon Brown in the most crass and tasteless way possible.

Nice headlines, shame about the truth.

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