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Tory Eastleigh candidate is more extreme than Dorries on abortion

Eastleigh candidate Maria Hutchings

The Conservatives’ candidate in the Eastleigh by-election has even more extreme views on abortion than Nadine Dorries, it has emerged. Maria Hutchings told an interviewer that she wants to see the legal limit for terminations slashed to “ten weeks”:

“I am a pro-lifer and would have voted to reduce it as far as possible.”

Contrast this with Dorries position, which was to run a “realist” campaign for to reduce the limit from 24 to 20 weeks. But even Dorries dream statute of 12 weeks is longer than Hutchings’.

Dorries told Mehdi Hasan:

“If anybody else wants to take the vote down to 20 weeks, I’m very happy to hand the baton over. It will not be me who takes a vote down to 12 weeks. My campaign is for 24 [down] to 20.”

As if the Tories weren’t struggling with women voters already.

Counselling from independent abortion advisers was “like a sermon”

As the government moves to allow religious-linked organisations to provide abortion counselling, yesterday’s Newsnight report on the contents of a training manual used by the supposedly “independent” abortion advisers CareConfidential is an absolute must-see.

Before interviewing a woman who claims advice given to her by the group “was more like a sermon” than real counselling, Anna Adams provides a frightening quote from the manual itself:

“Abortion is undoubtedly a wickedness that grieves God’s heart. As we study the Bible we see that life begins within the womb when the human egg is fertilised and then implanted. The deliberate destruction of the developing child at any stage from this point is to deny the life of the human being — a most grievous sin in the eyes of God …”

Watch the full report below:


These revelations follow discoveries by “mystery shoppers” at Education for Choice earlier this month, which exposed a number of CareConfidential advisers as drastically ill-informed, to the point of scaremongering.

Is this what Nadine Dorries means by “independent counselling”?

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