With UKIP defector Mark Reckless’ comments on forced repatriation, it is perhaps less surprising that he has already receivedpublic endorsement from the leader of the country’s fastest growing far-right movement, Britain First.

Addressing a rally through a megaphone, Paul Golding claimed he would “have the last laugh” when the “patriotic right-wing MP” Reckless was elected.

And Scrapbook can today reveal yet more evidence of supporters of the hardcore far-right throwing their backing behind UKIP.

Below are a small selection of households displaying UKIP posters for the Clacton and Rochester by-elections. Can readers guess what the properties have in common?

BNP supporters with UKIP posters in Clacton and Rochester

Their addresses and, where the information is available, current owners all appear on the 2007/2008 leaked BNP membership list.

Danny Alexander

Panic — and apparent confusion — looks to be setting into Lib Dem ranks over the prospect of Danny Alexander losing his Highlands seat to the SNP next year. Having carried George Osborne’s bags for nearly five years, a senior party strategist has briefed the Telegraph that an expected “anti-Danny” backlash could make his Inverness-area seat very hard to defend.

In a muddled blog attacking Lib Dem “senior strategists”, the co-editor of the party’s largest grassroots website first suggests that Beaker could survive on the back of a locally-focused campaign — before then admitting that such a strategy “is not really going to wash” given his loyalty to George Osborne.

For their part, Beaker and his office seem to have gone awfully quiet. Back in May he tweeted a link to a leaked private poll of his constituencyonly to delete it after realising it showed he was set to lose. His office then followed up by claiming that their local paper was, errrr, more reliable than professional pollsters ICM.

ICM’s research showed he was trailing the nationalists by at least 11 percentage points — and this was before the SNP base was galvanised by the Scots independence referendum.

Kevin Payne UKIP

The best political literature is packed with endorsements from the candidate’s friends pillars of the local community, and UKIP’s material for the final week of the Rochester and Strood by-election is no different. Mark Reckless’ public supporters include “local author and resident” Kevin Payne.

Election experts have claimed that UKIP have harnessed the anger so-called ‘left behind voters’. According to Payne, however, it isn’t the voters in Rochester that are being ignoredbut the, errrr, local ghosts.

The co-author of the book Haunted Rochester, perhaps a better description for Payne would be “delusional fruitcake”.

“Rochester is riddled with things that go bump in the night

“[The town is] a much ignored haven of spiritual activity

But perhaps UKIP could benefit from Mr Payne’s services down in Somerset — where party members have reportedly quit one local branch while complaining it had been”infiltrated by the occult”.

The Sun logo

What you won’t be reading in tomorrow’s Currant Bun: Peter Jukes tweets what some Sun journalists apparently think of their readers, as exposed in evidence in the trial of former Murdoch staff over alleged corrupt payments to public officials. Poignantly enough, the case is running concurrently with Andrew Mitchell’s ‘Plebgate’ libel prosecution against the paper:

This is gravely damaging for a newspaper whose whole brand relies on ostensibly ‘championing’ its readers — and wielding power from claiming to broker their approval:

“We back politicians when they do what is best for our readers — and criticise them when they don’t.

If you find that hard to stomach, here’s some more from the paper’s ‘This is Our Britain’ editorial:

We believe, most of all, in YOU. Our readers. The backbone of Britain.

Everything we do has you in mind. We aim to inform you, to entertain you, to stand up for you.

We aim to help you make sense of this new era of lightning-fast change.

And you can trust us to tell it to you straight, as we have always tried to do.

We at The Sun believe our future is bright. We believe yours is too.

‘You can trust us to tell it to you straight, you plebs!’

The appearance of Myleene Klass alongside Ed Miliband on ITV’s The Agenda has the right-wing media pretending that shouting in the Labour leader’s face about ‘fiscal drag’ and ‘taxing glasses of water’ counts as embarrassing for anyone other than the pampered pop singer/TV presenter:

Chief amongst Klass’ gripes was mansion tax. Apparently spending £2 million in the capital can get you a home which looks “like a garage”:

“in London, which is where 80 per cent of the people who will be paying this tax actually live, have you seen what that amount of money can get you? It’s like a garage.

But Scrapbook wonders what on earth made her so upset. Klass won’t pay any mansion tax — because she rents her home in leafy Highgate, North London, for, errr, £8,000 per month. That’s as much in one year as many family homes cost outside the south east.

Had the measure been in place, she wouldn’t even have paid Mansion Tax on the sale of her Hertfordshire family home (below), which went for £1.8m last year after separation from her husband:

Public sympathy for Klass has obviously been overwhelming:

The outburst comes less than a month after fellow whinger Griff Rhys Jones compared his seven-bedroom, Grade I listed property overlooking a Fitzrovia square  to “a slum”.

Taxi meter

A Milton Keynes councillor has defended a decision to award a taxi license to a violent serial rapist, claiming the man had “done his crime, served his time”. And in a sick twist which is threatening to engulf the council’s Liberal Democrat group, the sex offender was given his character reference by … another Lib Dem councillor.

Cllr Stuart Burke and his colleagues on the town’s licensing committee knew of Nadeem Ahmed Kiani’s eight year prison sentence for multiple rapes and sexual assaults when they awarded him a private hire license in September 2011.

Though this license was temporarily suspended following an intervention from Thames Valley Police in 2012, it was reinstated in the same year. Unbelievably, Kiani was then given ANOTHER license (for black cabs) in March this year.

A report from Thames Valley to the council described Kiani’s modus operandi:

“Mr Kiani and his co-defendant would pick up prostitutes in a vehicle.

“One of them would hide in the back of the car, whilst the other negotiated a price and then had sex with the prostitute.

“A code word would then be used and the defendant in the back would come out of hiding and they would then threaten the victim with various weapons.”

Kiani and his colleague would then rape and sexually assault their victim.

While the councillor responsible for the character reference has now quit, Stuart Burke remains in position. Other Lib Dem councillors are refusing to comment, pending a meeting of their group this evening.

The scandal could also claim the scalps of other councillors on the licensing committee — depending on who voted to approve (and then reinstate) the rapist’s license.

Andrew Mitchell

Giving evidence on the first day of his Plebgate libel trial against The Sun, former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell has told a court “it’s possible” that he called one of his police bodyguards “Mr Plod”.

Suing the paper over its report that he called police officers “fucking plebs” at the gates of Downing Street in 2012, Mitchell was confronted with a string of allegations of previous rudeness while under cross examination by The Sun’s barrister.

On a foreign trip while international development secretary, Mitchell is alleged to have sneered at one of the policemen responsible for his safety:

“That’s a bit above your pay grade, Mr Plod.”

Mitchell also claims he has “no recollection” of hurrying a police officer to open a gate by telling him “chop chop”. Though not yet aired in court, The Sun’s defence includes allegations that Mitchell variously told police:

“I’m a Member of Parliament and I’m too important to stop for you … Stop being so aggressive, you little shit.”

“[I] should be treated like royalty [when accompanied on trips abroad]”

To the prime minister’s head of security, “words to the effect of”:

“They [the police officers on the Downing Street gates] should have fucking known who I was”

The court was also offered explanations as to why Mitchell was repeatedly allowed to bring his bicycle through the main gates of Downing Streetagainst security regulations.

For his part, Mitchell says that the claims of previous rudeness are “backside covering” on the part of police.

Whatever the final verdict, he’s is not going to come out of this smelling of roses.

Nigel Farage Christmas hat

With the Conservatives almost certain to lose the Rochester and Strood by-election to UKIP on Thursday, further misery could be in store for David Cameron — with bookies claiming that he should expect another defection from his own benches by Christmas.

Ladbrokes book on any Further Tory MP to defect before Dec 25th’ gives the prospect as odds-on at 8/11, with Philip Hollobone the favourite to cross the floor at 2/1. UKIP are openly wooing the Kettering MP — and have even delayed announcing their own candidate.

Other prospects include:

  • John Baron (3/1)
  • Henry Smith (4/1)
  • Mark Pritchard (6/1)
  • Peter Bone (8/1)
  • George Eustice (8/1)
  • Gordon Henderson (10/1)

But there’s one (former) Conservative MP that UKIP’s top brass seem decidedly less keen on. With the selection meeting for their #2 target Boston and Skegness taking place last Thursday evening, Neil Hamilton mysteriously withdrew from the running at the last minute amid suggestions that his association with ‘cash for questions’ could hand the hot prospect back to the Tories.

Suspicions of a stitch up have only been heightened by the news that, despite knowing the outcome of the vote by local members, UKIP are refusing to announce the result. And having initially claimed that their candidate would be revealed today reports suggest we will now have to wait another week.

Yet more evidence that UKIP can’t organise a selection meeting … in a brewery.