“Terrified” transgender woman hounded by unnamed newspapers

Lo and behold, it turns out that transgender former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney was threatened with exposure by an unnamed newspaper in February. After getting the lawyers in, another paper started doorstepping her whole family:

“Six weeks ago another newspaper turned up at my house, and then they turned up at my daughter’s house, they turned up at all members of my family’s house.

Telling friends and her legal team that she was “terrified” of ridicule by the media, she was urged to tell her story to a friendly outlet — namely the Sunday Mirror. 

“I’d only do this as long as I’ve got control because previously transgender people have been ridiculed in the press and I didn’t want that to happen to me and I didn’t want that to happen to others.

Ridicule in the press, eh? Like, errr, being compared to a pantomime dame by The Sun?

Here is the paper’s axed first edition splash — as highlighted by Scrapbook on Monday — alongside later version.

The Sun front page swap on Kellie Maloney

Godfrey Bloom finance firm ‘gave dodgy advice to pensioner’

Godfrey Bloom with UKIP conference programme

A firm of financial advisers owned by controversial former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has been slammed with yet another censure from regulatorsjust weeks after it was landed with a £2.1 million redress bill for bad advice to clients.

TBO Investments, in which Bloom owns a controlling stake, advised a pensioner to put £50,000 in risky mining funds and overseas equities. The recent multi-million redress bill also related to reckless advice given to a couple wanting support in their retirement.

The Financial Ombudsman said of recommendations given to a ‘Mrs Q’:

“Given Mrs Q’s circumstances I am not persuaded that TBO’s assessment of her attitude to risk was likely to have reasonably reflected the level she would have wished to take with her money.

“The reliance upon equities of the initial recommendation left Mrs Q’s capital at risk of considerable volatility… I am not persuaded that the recommendations made by TBO were consistent with her likely attitude to risk, not with her needs and circumstances at the time.

Did we mention Godders was UKIP’s economics spokesman?


BNP councillor on racially aggravated public order charge

The BNP doesn’t have many councillors left after its mid-noughties surge but those that have managed to cling on – usually on parish and town councils – are a charming bunch. Foremost among them is Dawn Charlton, a town councillor in Cumbria who looks to have been sent straight from central casting.

Dawn Charlton BNP

Cllr Charlton has been the star of several fundraising emails for the cash-strapped party after she was charged with racially aggravated harassment over leaflets which the prosecution alleged likened Polish leaflet deliverers to “monkeys”. The case was dropped by the Crown last November.

A post on the BNP website and email to supporters reveals that Charlton has once again been charged by Cumbria Constabulary:

“the DAY BEFORE the European Elections [Labour Party councillors and activists] took the decision that a month earlier they had suffered “alarm or distress” by words said to them – four men – by Dawn all by herself.

“So ‘distressed’ that it took the four of them a whole month to recover and make a complaint on a day that just happened to be the eve before elections!

Not only have the Crown Prosecution Service have told Scrapbook that the alleged offence took place on 4 May, some 17 days (not a month) before the BNP suggest the complaint was made, but the selective write-up is also conveniently vague about the precise nature of the charge.

Nothing to do with it being ‘racially aggravated’, then.

Corrupt ex-minister Neil Hamilton ‘a dead cert’ for UKIP selection

Neil Hamilton

Brown envelope-loving Neil Hamilton reckons he’s a “dead cert to be selected” for one of UKIP’s top Westminster targets, a senior UKIP official has told Michael Crick.

The corrupt ex-MP has been eyeing up Boston and Skegness – even before sitting Tory Mark Simmonds quit as the foreign office’s Africa minister yesterday.

On an “extensive” visit to the constituency last month he told the local paper:

“I am making no predictions but if I were him I would spend less time in central Africa and more time in Boston – although far be it from me to give him advice.”

“I know nothing about Mark Simmonds. I think that’s part of the problem. No doubt he’s perfectly worthy but there is no doubt that Boston can do better.

Hamilton’s idea of “better” happens to be someone who became “known” as a byword for corruption and sleaze.

Naturally, he was accompanied on his visit to the Lincolnshire coast by his wife Christine. Some things never change:

Despite the prodigious levels of fruitcake in his diet, Nigel Farage is not keen on the idea — and was party to blocking Hamilton from the UKIP MEP list last year.

Perhaps they could pay him in Harrods vouchers not to stand?

Mike Hancock’s office: ‘we have no idea where he is’

Mike Hancock

With the disgraced Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock reportedly taking on parliamentary work again, his office have made the extraordinary claim that they don’t know where he is.

Hancock had resumed portions of his duties three weeks ago despite still being an inpatient in a Priory Hospital facility in Hampshire. While defending allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour towards a vulnerable constituent, his legal team had claimed he was mentally unfit to instruct them — despite running for elected office at the same time.

Scrapbook spoke to his office twice, once last week and once today. On both occasions a staff member insisted that they had no idea where he is.

If this is true then where do they send the paperwork he is supposedly dealing with?


Which African companies has new Africa minister invested in?

Foreign Office FCO sign

Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds has quit the government (just four weeks after the reshuffle) having suddenly decided he wants to stand down as an MP.

The Africa brief fits his replacement James Duddridge — a former banker in the continent and All Party Africa Group chair — like a glove. Indeed, Duddridge championed private investment in the continent, writing for Conservative Home on his plans to invest in 12 different companies.

This is all very noble and the sums he discusses publicly would be below the thresholds for the Register of Members’ Interests.

But as the new minister for Africa — who will be promoting and, indeed, possibly brokering greater trade with and investment in African companies – shouldn’t we be told which ones he owns shares in?

Tory councillor suspected of ‘pretending to be a barrister’

Monika Juneja

A Tory councillor could be facing prosecution for falsely claiming to be a barrister. Contrary to claims on her register of interests and numerous websites, Guildford councillor Monika Juneja had not been ‘called to the bar’ — a requirement to use the term ‘barrister’.

Police have now sent a file on Cllr Juneja to the Crown Prosecution Service. While she had completed the Bar Professional Training Course and is a student member of Gray’s Inn, she had not been called to the bar or completed a pupillage (the barrister equivalent of a solicitor’s training contract).

This development follows a comedy of errors in which Juneja was completely cleared of wrongdoing by a council standards investigation — after officials were given misleading advice by the Bar Council. The professional association had erroneously claimed it is …

“not an offence to simply call yourself a barrister in this country even if not called to the Bar in England and Wales”

But it was down to the law blog Legal Cheek to point of their “very serious mistake”, leading to the following reverse ferret from the Council’s director:

“Now that I have set out the correct position for you, it will be clear that there are implications for the investigation report

This isn’t the first time bloggers have had to do an establishment organisation’s work for them and it won’t be the last.

The Sun axe transphobic front page

  • Front page comparing transsexual to pantomime dame pulled
  • Former boxing promoter attempted to commit suicide
  • Echoes of U-turn over ‘Bonkers Bruno’ splash

The Sun front page swap on Kellie Maloney

The Sun have quietly dropped a front page headline comparing a transsexual woman to a pantomime dame. Kellie Maloney — formerly the boxing promoter Frank Maloney — had attempted to taker her own life over the turmoil prompted by her condition.

“Frankly I Don’t Give A Dame / Sex-op Maloney Defiant” had been swapped out for “Maloney: I tried to kill myself / Sex-op Legend’s Agony”. The move was likely prompted by the sympathetic coverage, errrr, everywhere else — including at red top rival Sunday Mirror who ran a column on ‘facts and myths about transsexualism’.

The lead of the story has also been ditched. At 10pm it read:

“Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney has taken a swipe at “idiots” who criticised his plans to have a sex-change op.

“The 61-year old dad of thee announced he was born “in the wrong body” and is now living as a woman called Kellie.

The paper have swapped this for a more sympathetic intro focusing on her attempted attempted suicide, with Tom Barnes joining James Beal on the byline:

“Ex-boxing promoter Frank Maloney considered suicide while trying to cope with a secret life as a woman, it was revealed last night.

“The 61 year-old dad of three — now living as Kellie while awaiting a sex op — is said to have taken a cocktail of booze and pills.

It’s poignant that one of the paper’s most notorious mis-steps — in which ‘Sad [Frank] Bruno in Mental Health Home’ was substituted for ‘Bonkers Bruno Locked Up’  – was also related to boxing.

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