Boris Johnson to announce return to Parliament ‘in July’

Boris Johnson at Tory conference

London mayor Boris Johnson is “virtually certain” to announce a return to Parliament within weeks, it has been claimed.

Sources have told The Sun of the leadership hopeful’s plans to reveal his hand in the Summer — to avoid overshadowing the final Tory conference before the general election:

“Boris knows he needs to make an announcement in the summer, most probably in July.”

With a string of (mostly elderly) Tory MPs willing to vacate their seats, constituencies linked to the Old Etonian have included:

But with Boris apparently minded to stay on at City Hall — keeping an election promise but leaving Londoners with a part-time mayorScrapbook reckons that proximity to the capital will vital to avoid a political mauling.

Not that he will give a monkeys once he’s back in the Commons.

UKIP staffer poses as regular voter in party manifesto


An assistant to Nigel Farage is pictured in the party’s new manifesto posing as a regular voter, without mentioning she’s a paid UKIP staffer.

A big picture of Lizzy Vaid features on page five of the party’s new European election manifesto – naming her as “Lizzy Vaid, Devon” – alongside a quote which reads:

“I’ll be voting UKIP because they’re the only party listening to what people want”

But the new face of UKIP isn’t so much a regular UKIP voter as the party’s events manager and an assistant to Nigel Farage, based in the party’s Mayfair office.

Sources tell Scrapbook she also appeared in literature during the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election without reference to her job – and she’s due to appear in UKIP’s next party election broadcast.

Can UKIP not find a single real, grassroots voter to appear in their literature?

Cameron spent £430k of taxpayers’ cash on propaganda letter


David Cameron spent £430,000 of taxpayers’ cash sending out more than a million party propaganda letters touting Tory policy.

The Electoral Commission is demanding an explanation after tax money was used to pay for the letters, sent out to businesses “encouraging them to check” if they qualified for a £2000 National Insurance cut – a Tory policy.

In response to a parliamentary question from Shadow Business secretary Chuka Umunna, Tory treasury secretary David Gauke admitted they’d spent the eye watering sending letters to 1.25million businesses at a cost of 25p per letter.

The letter was sent out on 10 Downing Street headed paper, signed by David Cameron and distributed by HMRC.


The content of the letter is brazenly party political, even using that old favourite Tory catchphrase:

“…long term economic plan”

Is there any rule he won’t break?


Scrapbook asks Nigel Farage the questions you all want answered

When Nigel Farage unveiled the new UKIP posters in Sheffield today, we knew there were two burning questions to which the public demanded answers.

  1. Don’t you think your posters are a wee bit racist?
  2. Are you concerned an EU migrant might take David Moyes’ job?

You wanted answers, and we got answers.

“Well… David Moyes got Manchester out of Europe, maybe he’ll join UKIP. Who knows?”

Also, as if the event needed to be any more hilarious, a BNP van turned up with a massive PA system and a guy shouting about UKIP being a “scam.”


The van was last seen being chased around the block by police, Benny Hill style.

Sheffield Lib Dem leader switches seats to avoid getting the boot

Sheffield Council’s Lib Dem leader is switching seats to avoid an embarrassing local election defeat.

Lib Dem group leader Shaffaq Mohammed has represented the student friendly Broomhill ward for a decade…but will be moving up the hill to leafy Crookes and Crosspool just in time for the election on May 22nd.

He made no public announcement confirming his departure – voters found out about the switch when a leaflet was stuffed through their door.


It’s hard to fault him. After all, his predecessor as Lib Dem leader, Paul Scriven – also a Broomhill councillor - was forced into an embarrassing third place in the 2012 local elections, behind Labour and the Green Party. Shaffaq is currently the only remaining Lib Dem councillor in Broomhill.

The upmarket suburbs of Crosspool and Crookes, on the other hand, attract the bare minimum of students, and the Crookes ward, where both areas sit, is right in the middle of Clegg’s constituency of Sheffield Hallam. The ward was one of a handful of Lib Dem holds in 2012′s election.

You may remember Mr Scriven from the delightful and not at all embarrassing advert he made for his favourite local hotel, where he sang and danced to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day…and hoped nobody would notice. Scrapbook did.

Running in Shaffaq’s old seat will be student Lib Dem activist, Old Etonian and former Clegg intern Harry Matthews. He enjoyed brief fame for giving Nick a bright green onesie and asking him if he’d ever worn it live on the radio.

Shaffaq told the Sheffield Star:

“There is no guarantee of winning any seat in Sheffield – I never take anything for granted.”

Wise words…

“Only a bit racist…” – The 6 funniest UKIP poster parodies

As Nigel Farage prepares to launch his shiny new poster campaign – at an event scheduled to take place outdoors in drizzly Sheffield – we take a look at how the internet has reacted to UKIP’s mildly offensive Euro election posters.

6. Own goal

5. Scary statistics


4. Envy

3. Child Eaters

2. This one’s pretty good…

1. But if we’re honest, we prefer ours…


How’s that poster campaign working out for you, Nigel?


Cameron staff called police on Bishop delivering letter on poverty


David Cameron’s staff called the police on a group of priests, including the Bishop of Oxford, who were trying to deliver a letter about food poverty to his constituency office.

Cameron may be all about the God these days, but that apparently doesn’t extend to discussing the pressing issues of poverty with church leaders.

Reverend Keith Hebden, a spokesperson for the End Hunger Fast campaign, visited Cameron’s constituency office in Whitney with the Bishop of Oxford, the Right Reverend John Pritchard, to deliver a letter on food poverty signed by more than 600 clergy, including 45 bishops.

Nobody answered the door to the Prime Minister’s constituency office, and a few minutes later three police officers arrived.

The police soon left when they realised their presence was not required.

A spokesperson for End Hunger Fast told Scrapbook the letter had been delivered to all three main party leaders, but:

“Cameron’s office was the only one to call the police”

The letter was published in the Guardian on Wednesday, describing British food poverty as a “national crisis” and calling for “each of us, and government too, to act to make sure that work pays, that food markets support sustainable and healthy diets, and that the welfare system provides a robust last line of defence against hunger.”

Rev. Hebden told Al Jazeera: “Summoning the police like that illustrates the sense of panic in this government about rising food poverty levels because they are in such denial about this problem.”

 And lo, Cameron cast out the vicars and anti-poverty campaigners from his constituency office.

UKIP launch new election poster


Definitely a vote winner…

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