Later this month The Spectator brings the latest in its series of highfalutin Debate events to Gateshead, which as many of you will know, is in the north-east of England. The event sets out to answer the question: “Labour has failed the north-east. Why does the north-east keep voting Labour?” Scrapbook is happy to announce […]

Diane Abbott’s return to the backbenches has drawn a great deal of comment from all sides, but few have been as biting as former Labour special adviser Mario Dunn, who tweeted: Being brutally honest Diane Abbot isn’t really a Labour MP. She is in fact leader of the Diane Abbot Ego Party. — Mario Dunn […]

Right-wing Tory backbencher Christopher Chope is probably wishing he had chosen his words better at Business Questions this morning: Tory MP Christopher Chope let’s the cat out of the bag by referring to HoC waiters and waitresses as ‘servants!’ #HoCquestions — Angela Eagle (@angelaeagle) January 17, 2013 In contrast with Andrew Mitchell’s contested “pleb” outburst, […]

A Westminster Hall debate today on the work capability assessments conducted by ATOS was interrupted by shouts from the public gallery, as a newly-promoted Chris Grayling attempted to justify the tests. Philip Hollobone, chairing the debate, threatened to clear the public gallery as members of the public repeatedly shouted such slogans as “Shame on you!” and […]

Despite holding onto his office in the face of massive public unpopularity, George Osborne is being counted as one of the losers of the reshuffle raffle. A loser in reshuffle is Osborne. He tried to move IDS and failed plus now has Clarke as alternative economy spokesman. — Tim Montgomerie (@TimMontgomerie) September 4, 2012 A […]

As the cabinet reshuffle rolls onwards, keeping the Westminster journalist pack busy on a Tuesday morning, Paul Waugh reports an interesting tidbit from yesterday’s House of Commons sitting: Labour wag Steve Pound yday heckled Teather in Commons, singing “You’re getting sacked in the morning…” Sadly, not in Hansard — Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) September 4, 2012 […]