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Fox has seen the future of TV news – and it looks like a bizarre, giant iPad

comedy huge ipads
Fox News have unveiled a “breathtakingly ridiculous” new newsroom, full of Star Trek style screens and comically huge tablet computers.

In a video posted on their website yesterday, perma-tanned anchor Shepard Smith took viewers on a tour of the ludicrous new facility, a base for the Murdoch owned right-wing network’s new headline news show. It features a team of increasingly awkward looking journalists attempting to do their jobs on novelty sized, 55 inch touchscreens, which don’t really seem to do anything useful.

Later in the video, Smith brandishes a device which he describes as having “never been used in broadcast television before” – but which looks suspiciously like a Nintendo Wii remote. He then uses it to shuffle some pictures around on a giant video-wall for no adequately explained purpose.

Finally, in a line straight from the script of Anchorman, Smith says:

“News … pops in when news breaks. That’s sort of the nature of news.”

Glad we got that one straight, Shep.

Five people accidentally shot at arms lobby’s ‘Gun Appreciation Day’


A series of non-fatal accidental shootings have overshadowed events organised by the US pro-gun lobby. The first annual ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ was held as the Obama administration looks to reduce violence in the wake of the Conneticut school shootings.

But the rallies and fairs — whose organisers officially welcome endorsement from groups such as, errr, Zombie Killers Elite — was beset by three separate incidents in which five people were shot.

  • Three people were shot in North Carolina after a firearm went off accidentally at a gun show’s check-in booth. The walking wounded included a sherrif’s deputy.
  • A gun dealer tried to check to make sure a gun was unloaded at a similar event in Ohio, but ended up shooting a longtime friend in the leg and arm.
  • Meanwhile in Indiana, a man shot himself in the hand while attempting to reload his .45 semi-automatic in the car park of a gun and knife show.

The incidents come as a blow to gun advocacy groups — who have consistently argued that increasing the number of guns in public places such as schools would increase public safety.

The Second Amendment lobby seems to be interpreting the idiom ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ literally.

Biden ‘swears small child into Senate’

At 39, new senator Chris Murphy is the youngest on Capitol Hill. But the show was stolen by an even more ‘junior member’ at his swearing in.

Clearly not wanting to be left out of proceedings Murphy’s one-year-old son Rider raised his hand at the request of vice president Joe Biden.


Via: Byron Tau

Report: Fox News lies about climate change 93% of the time

Rupert Murdoch’s companies have been found to be grossly misleading the US public over climate change, with Fox News‘ coverage classed as giving dodgy info 93% of the time. In the report, compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal comes a close second in the inaccuracy stakes, with a massive 81% misleading coverage in their opinion pages:

The WSJ, whose commentary include such beauties as “No Need to Panic About Global Warming“, claim that the alarmism created by global warming is something of a conspiracy, offering “an excuse for governments to raise taxes“.

Fox News, who evidently can’t even muster a one in ten success rate of accurate reportage, have certainly got a somewhat dubious record when it comes to accuracy and fairness of their journalism. Readers may recall:

Fox News, scrutinising certain sections of society since 1996.

Fox News conspiracy theory: Obama is blackmailing General Petraeus

Apparently tiring of the endless mad reasons that Saint Romney lost to evil Obama last week, the tin-foil hat brigade over at Fox News have found a new conspiracy to latch onto: the General Petraeus sex scandal.

As demonstrated by the above video, the paragons of the American unelectable right think that the former CIA boss is being blackmailed by Obama to, erm, cover up the “truth” about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

“Truth” in this context meaning the paranoid rantings of the same people who claim Obama’s re-election is thanks to non-whites wanting “stuff”.

US statistical genius Nate Silver got UK 2010 election results wrong

In the aftermath of the US presidential election, polling guru Nate Silver has been enjoying widespread plaudits having called the outcome in each of the fifty states correctly. However, it’s worth remembering that with the 2010 General Election in the UK, Silver didn’t do quite so well.

In the run up to election day, Silver anticipated heavy losses for Labour, and big gains for the Liberal Democrats. One of his predictions had Nick Clegg’s party with 101 seats — a gain of 39. Of course, what actually happened was that the yellow party lost five seats, in an anticlimactic comedown from “Cleggmania”.

And whilst Labour suffered a bruising defeat, their final total of 258 seats wasn’t quite as bad as Nate Silver had indicated. His doom-mongering calculations had Labour on 214. So there are 44 red MPs feeling very grateful that he wasn’t right.

On his FiveThirtyEight blog, Silver wrote:

“its very hard to see how [Labour] could thread the needle in such a way that the outcome wouldn’t be devastating to them.”

Scrapbook wonders whether “Mystic Nate” can do better in 2015.

Cat comes third in Virginia senate election, winning 6,000 votes

Amid the headline success of Barack Obama’s election, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock’s senate failures, and states legalising marijuana and gay marriage, the news that a cat placed third in the Virginia senate election seems to have gone almost unnoticed.

Hank the Cat was mooted as a joke candidate last winter, but when voters made their choice on Tuesday he reportedly received in the region of six thousand votes. This means that he came third, behind Republican George Allen and Democratic winner Tim Kaine.

Sadly it seems that even had he won, Hank would not have been constitutionally eligible to sit in the senate.


Pictures of Republicans looking sad

Last night gave the Republicans plenty of things to feel glum about. With Obama relected and retaining the senate, it was clearly the Democrats’ night — Mitt Romney (above) wasn’t the only politician left looking a bit sad.

So as we all recover from staying up too late watching electoral college votes roll in, Scrapbook presents a rundown of the best pictures of miserable Republicans:

Controversial Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly complained that “the white establishment is now the minority.”

See the rest of the miserable GOPers »

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