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Scrapbook’s Top Five: our most popular stories this week

Kay Burley

Our most clicked stuff of the week:

  1. VIDEO: Kay Burley calls ‘Yes’ campaigner “a nob” live on Sky News
  2. Sources claim Scots’ devo max isn’t happening — despite the promises
  3. PICTURED: Why is Alex Salmond feeding an ice lolly to a young student?
  4. VIDEO: Miliband chased into Edinburgh shopping centre by ‘Yes’ campaigners
  5. Boris Johnson refuses to move to constituency that selected him

Burley was later forced to apologise — but only after we flagged the clip.

‘Referendum truthers’ demand investigation into “rigged” ballot

Tin foil hat

Despite Alex Salmond calling for ‘Yes’ supporters to accept the verdict, someone has used the 38 Degrees platform to start a petition calling for an investigation into the “rigged” ballot. It already has over 21,000 signatures.

Referendum truther petition

Perhaps the poll should have had some international observers.

How about Sean Connery (Bahamas) and Alan Cumming (New York)?

BBC sources: Devo Max isn’t happening

Daily Record 'The Lie?' mockup

Here’s a round up of how the main parties’ pledge of increased powers was framed as ‘devo max’ in the media, starting with the paper on whose front page ‘the vow’ was made:

“all three UK party leaders now committed to offering devo-max powers to Scotland” — Daily Record

““the vow” reiterated that extensive new “devo max” powers for the Scottish parliament would follow hard on from a no vote on Thursday.” — Guardian editorial

“Vote No, and we get more say on our own affairs through devo max. In other words, we add powers to Holyrood.” — Edinburgh Evening News editorial

“If Scotland votes ‘No’, its citizens will be offered a form of governance called devo-max.” — The Independent

“There is growing unrest in Westminster over the rapid timetable for ‘devo max’, which would see Scotland handed new powers over income tax and finance.” — Daily Mail

Except BBC hack Norman Smith has been briefed it’s not happening …

How strange that he was told this AFTER the polls closed.

Meanwhile … a blatant attempt to bury bad news

Hancock finished

Mike Hancock — the MP who spent years denying that he sexually harassed a vulnerable constituent before admitting an “inappropriate” friendship with her — has quit the Liberal Democrats. The news breaks in an Andy McSmith diary column.

This gets Hancock and the party out of that nasty disciplinary hearing.

Tory MP claims colleagues were “hosed down in the street” as kids

MP David Amess has been casting around to find enough working class Tory colleagues to put in a booklet — so ha can pretend that there isn’t a diversity problem on the government benches.

Speaking to the Daily Politics of the one in six he says can lay claim to such a background, however, he seems to rather over-egg the pudding:

“As a child I was bathed in a tin bath. But half of these colleagues seem to have been hosed down in the street.”

Remind you of anything?

Should Amess or any other Tory MPs wish to burnish their humble origins, Scrapbook will happily give them a hosing down in the street.

UKIP ex-leader in Scotland called the Scots “subsidy junkies”

ChrChristopher Monckton

Having played a part in most domestic political developments over the last 12-months, Nigel Farage has struggled to be heard over the referendum din in the past couple of weeks.

With the Better Together campaign refusing to touch UKIP with a bargepole, the party have been reduced to shouting from the sidelines. But UKIP’s Scottish chairman, Arthur Misty Thackeray, has hit back:

“We are taking a more direct, straight talking, hard hitting defence of the Union as opposed to what our MEP David Coburn described as the ‘wishy-washy’ attitude of Better Together.

For an idea what UKIP mean by “hard hitting”, perhaps we can look to Christopher Monckton — or the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley to us — who was UKIP Scotland’s president from January 2013 until he was sacked 11 months later over factional infighting.

This from his article in the Evening Standard on 27 January 1992 entitled “Should the South East break away from Britain”?

“The truth is that the English pay the Celtic piper, but the piper calls the tune. Then, having called the tune, he whinges. The subsidy junkies who live off English handouts complain ever more loudly as the subsidies become ever more costly.”

And Farage installed him as UKIP leader in Scotland AFTER he wrote this.

#IndyRef gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

Very funny, but Scrapbook doesn’t make much of their Alex Salmond … 

… who looks more like Gordon Brown.

Carswell promised “mass exodus” of Clacton Tories … gets just six

Douglas Carswell 'Exodus' headline

Douglas Carswell quit for UKIP on the last Thursday in August. From the local paper splash exactly a week later the local Tory association looked to be collapsing:

UKIP claims there has been a “mass exodus” of Tory party activists to it following the defection of Clacton MP Douglas Carswell.

Conservative Party members have jumped ship following Mr Carswell’s shock move to the UK Independence Party.

It is thought that 150 local Tory party members have pledged their support to him.

Let’s see how that’s going then.

Scrapbook’s local political source reveals that just four ordinary members have defected. And despite the prospect of a battering at next May’s elections (Tendring District council is elected ‘all-out’ every four years) just two councillors, a husband and wife, have crossed the floor. That’s a total of, errr, six members.

Carswell’s “exodus” could squeeze into a large family car.


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