Tory councillor Kelly Tolhurst has won the ‘open primary’ in Rochester and Strood. With a six-figure cost and a five-figure turnout, the postal ballot of every voter in the constituency has set the Conservative Party around back £18 per vote — so it’s just as well they don’t plan on declaring it as an election expense! […]

The response of barrister and part-time MP Stephen Phillips to questions about his outside earnings was utterly breathtaking in its arrogance. He was, however, very keen to emphasise that his work was confined to periods in which Parliament is not sitting and that it “doesn’t affect the way in which I perform as an MP”: “The […]

Never mind the 600,000 extra children living in absolute poverty since the Coalition came to power, has anyone considered how the hard-pressed residents of NW3 will cope if a Mansion Tax is imposed by Ed Balls? Former senior medical adviser to the Foreign Office Dr Harald Lipman lives on Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Hampstead — where a pied-à-terre will […]

Here’s the email from Nigel Farage telling UKIP supporters to buy a song about “illegal immigrants in every town”, which is, errr, sung in a mock-Caribbean accent: But the “satirical” ditty, sung by ex-Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, has now been pulled — hours after shadow front bencher Chuka Umunna told LBC radio that people were unlikely to give UKIP “the benefit […]

Faced with rowdy MPs, one of speaker Bercow’s favourite refrains is: “the public don’t like it”. As if to prove his point … There's a fracas in public gallery #pmqs. Tried to lip read man as he's dragged out. Believe he's shouting "Answer the b***** questions" — Emily Thornberry MP (@EmilyThornberry) October 22, 2014 Apparently a […]

So apparently Nigel Farage is running Britain’s foreign policy. Frightened witless by the rise of UKIP, the Tories’ Brussels contingent have now abstained from the vote to approve the new European commission in a massive snub to their own candidate, former Lords leader Jonathan Hill, and David Cameron — who just two days ago was applying pressure for […]