Kensington Tories have just delivered one of their first ‘short campaign’ leaflets — dubbed ‘Out Of Touch’ by some local residents because they only appear at election time. The communication references the selection of a new candidate for the safe-as-houses seat — but the traditional endorsement from and picture alongside the retiring parliamentarian are conspicuous by their absence. Whatever […]

Hurtling towards next Thursday’s seven-way TV debates — undoubtedly the Green’s biggest ever set piece — with a massively elevated public profile, party supporters might be forgiven for questioning the wisdom of leader Natalie Bennett doing debate prep in the middle of a busy fast food restaurant in Zone 1. But that’s precisely what a Scrapbook source spied Bennett and an aide doing yesterday at a Pret A Manger just […]

Tory Aidan Burley — who left parliament yesterday after Scrapbook tipped off French authorities about that Nazi-themed Alpine stag do — used his valedictory speech to, errrr, attack his own constituents and complain he wasn’t paid enough. Having thanked his wife — who Burley paid from the public purse — for dealing with ‘rude and awkward’ people in his Cannock Chase […]

With the Tories’ deputy chief whip Greg Hands marching his men to the top of the hill — only to lose the vote which underpinned a coup plot against speaker Bercow — this is currently doing the rounds in Labour circles as ‘Government Whips Office Official Theme Tune’: ♫ Someday you’ll know the sorrow of careless Hands ♫