Tory minister and former aide to George Osborne Amber Rudd MP has claimed that an undeclared role as a “partner” in a firm of management consultants to the finance sector was a “voluntary advisory role”. But with Westminster engulfed in controversy over MPs’ outside interests, her office have refused to reveal the exact dates on which she entered and left the […]

With the identity of London-bred ISIS butcher ‘Jihadi John’ revealed by the Washington Post earlier today, the media descended on a press conference by ‘rights group’ CAGE. When not scratching their heads at perhaps the world’s most notorious living Islamist extremist — real name Mohammed Emwazi — being portrayed as a helpless victim, those familiar with lefty grouplets may have also been wondering why proceedings were marshalled by […]

Having contacted the registrar Alison White earlier this week, Scrapbook’s question as to whether second-jobbing MPs are covered by the Lobbying Act appears to have prompted a ‘ruling’ — briefed to the Guardian — that parliamentarians may indeed be required to disclose communications with Whitehall made on behalf of paying clients. Don’t get your hopes up, though. There are two […]

A group of Conservative councillors in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are conducting just one surgery each PER YEAR, it has emerged. It gets worse. Lazy representatives — who each take home between £9,964 and £27,838 per year courtesy of the taxpayer — would force some residents to walk nearly a mile and half to see them — because they can’t even […]

Tory defence minister Anna Soubry has been forced to deny calling Ed Miliband a “sanctimonious cunt” during PMQs. BuzzFeed has obtained the following leaked footage from the floor of the House, used to produce the BBC documentary Inside The Commons (press the speaker icon for audio). Litigious Sue-bry made this threat to the Mail when challenged on […]

So Malcolm Rifkind has fallen on his sword, with plotting by local Tories playing no small role. Seditious members of Kensington Conservative Association were aided by the timing of the following: Kensington Conservative Association AGM is on Thursday The Conservative group on Kensington and Chelsea borough meets on Monday Having been suspended from the party, Rifkind […]

Taking on retention of public affairs consultants by local authorities, Eric Pickles cites think tank research on “sock puppets”: “the practice of government lobbying government is not just confined to quangos. The Institute of Economic Affairs has undertaken extensive research on so-called “sock puppets” “they have exposed the extensive practice of taxpayers’ money being given to pressure […]