An image is circulating on Twitter which purports to be a handwritten note to a Tory MP — a reminder to not to “talk about food banks”: Hi @JeremyLefroyMP, think our papers may have got mixed up at the Faith Action conference – do these belong to you? — smn mrk (@SmnMrk) November 24, […]

One of the worst sections of former Tory minister David Mellor’s class war rant (£) against his “little fucking stupid shit” of a cabbie was in which he threatened to use his LBC radio show to shame the driver in front of colleagues: “I have so many cabbies [that] when I get into a cab they listen to […]

Proposed by Labour backbencher Clive Efford, the National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill would roll back privatisation by repealing key aspects of the Tories’ flagship Health and Social Care Act 2012. Unfortunately it stands no chance of becoming law in this parliament. As a private members’ bill, the coalition don’t even need to […]

With speculation rife about further defections, UKIP have quietly moved a selected candidate in the East Midlands — creating a vacancy in one of their target seats. Sherwood (majority 214) is not only the 15th most marginal constituency in the UK but in the top 20 ‘UKIP friendly’ Conservative seats. Having been selected last December, the UKIP […]

Last Tuesday’s court evidence revealing a Sun journalist referring to his own readers as plebs didn’t stop the red top splashing on Emily Thornberry’s supposed snobbery later in the week: 'Only Here For The Sneers'; why Labour law chief Emily Thornberry resigned tonight – our p1 tmrw — Tom Newton Dunn (@tnewtondunn) November 20, 2014 But […]

The destination for parliamentary bag carriers hunting their next assignment, visitors to the W4MP website were left scratching their heads at the mysterious advert from a “senior Conservative Frontbench MP” posted earlier today. With the employers’ submission form stating that “We do not accept ads from un-named MPs or organisations”, advertisers on the free Westminster jobs […]

Great line from Nick Clegg in his monthly press conference … It damages people’s faith in the system when parties make promises that are unachieveable says @nick_clegg on Tories immigration target. — Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress) November 24, 2014 … if he wasn’t, errr … … the bloke who famously apologised for making a promise he […]

A senior Liberal Democrat councillor is currently fighting for his political survival — challenging claims that he is a “serious and enduring threat to children”. Cllr Alex Folkes was forced from his cabinet role with Cornwall Council over historic allegations linking his credit card to a website featuring child abuse imagery. No charges were brought after a 2006 arrest (possibly […]