A local Labour candidate hits Chuka Umunna’s hands with a hammer, but the shadow business secretary escapes unscathed thanks to smart material manufactured by Hove-based firm D3O. Some parliamentary rivals might venture that they weren’t bashing hard enough.

After their what-the-hell-are-we-doing management of dropping Page 3 — featuring a senior staff member apologising for sending a picture of boobs to the deputy leader of the opposition — The Sun looks to have gone a whole week without ladies’ nipples. Excluding Tuesday’s Sunifesto edition, every day had some attempt at ‘totty’ but the bare breasts were gone. The public relations […]

The Department for Transport has failed to turn up at a ‘transport seminar’ organised by a Tory MP after Scrapbook highlighted his attempts to charge his own constituents £15 for entry to the event — at which the main attraction was public officials. Greedy Karl McCartney even wanted £5 merely to email a copy of a summary. Failing even to get a […]

The unpopular Communications Allowance, which saw MPs spending up to £21,000 on constituency newsletters and surveys etc, was abolished at the height of the expenses scandal — but the news doesn’t seem to have filtered through to Mike Thornton MP (Chris Huhne’s replacement in Eastleigh). Thornton is sending out identical letters about problems of booking appointments with […]

A Tory MP is attempting to charge his own constituents a £15 fee to attend a seminar with representatives from councils, the Department for Transport and Network Rail — which are all public bodies. What’s more, Lincoln’s Karl McCartney even wants to extract payment from residents simply to email them a summary of proceedings at the event on Friday: Several transport users groups were […]

Nigel Farage is standing by his party’s organiser in Hampshire after he was exposed for a string of criminal convictions — including prison sentences for wounding with intent and actual bodily harm. A group of UKIP members in Portsmouth quit in disgust after details of Paul Lovegrove’s history emerged — including slashing a man’s face with a bread […]

A hat trick of poll leads for the Tories: YouGov (Con 34, Lab 33, UKIP 15, LD 6) ComRes phone poll (Con 31, Lab 30, UKIP 17, LD 8) has the Tories ahead for the first time since September 2011 Survation online poll (Con 31, Lab 30, UKIP 23, LD 7) has the Tories ahead for […]