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Nigel Farage’s wife isn’t the only German export backing UKIP

UKIP's German battle bus

After Nigel Farage told the BBC that no British person could do the secretarial job of his German wife, it turns out that the party’s battle bus is a Mercedes-Benz.

And like his wife, we’re all footing the bill through our taxes.

Farage freely admits he has diverted his EU allowances into UKIP coffers.

Picture: Michael Deacon

Ken Dodd ‘could replace Aidan ‘Nazi party’ Burley’ as Tory candidate

Ken Dodd

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that the Tories’ candidate to replace disgraced Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley could be, errrr, geriatric comedian Ken Dodd.

Broadcast Journalist for BBC WM:

Con Home’s executive editor:

Well … he did campaign for the Tories under Thatcher.

UPDATE: Tories play down Dodd rumour »

Quote of the day: ‘digital election’ p*ssing contest edition

Digital election

With Parliament in recess and Labour staffers jetting overseas paying to pay homage to US political consultants, a plague of ‘digital election’ articles was inevitable.

Yesterday’s Evening Standard sought comment from staffers of various stripes for their feature, including this piece of advice from the Lib Dems’ “digital chief” Austin Rathe:

“What you need is political data about the right people in the right places”

This is pretty rich coming from a party with a questionable grasp of who their members actually are — and who emailed what are thought to be thousands of historic former members earlier this month to tell them that their membership had only now been cancelled (FULL DETAILS).

Perhaps they should take their own advice.

Delusional Nick Griffin claims ‘best ever voter response’ for BNP

BNP leader and soon-to-be-former MEP Nick Griffin is back to his delusional best, telling Breitbart UK of the coming European elections:

“We are finding the best ever response in terms of sympathy and interest as we meet the public while campaigning”

This reminds Scrapbook of similarly ludicrous claims before the 2011 Welsh Assembly elections. The party released a video of fellow fascist Simon Darby interviewing Griffin — claiming that supporters were “mobbing the car” and that they had won a seat unless there was “enormous fraud”:

In reality, they ran out of money for leaflets before polling just 0.8%.

Mike Hancock denies quit rumours

Mike Hancock cover-up in Portsmouth

With the deadline for Portsmouth’s local elections nominations coming up at 4pm tomorrow, scandal-plagued councillor and MP Mike Hancock has been forced to deny rumours doing the rounds in the city – and reported by Scrapbook earlier — that he is to announce his retirement from politics:

“Although I have been ill this year, I and my staff continue to work hard for the people of Portsmouth South and I would like to thank the many well wishers that have written, emailed and called.

“My priorities now, as ever, lie with trying to secure the best possible future for Portsmouth and I am regularly in touch with Government ministers, local businesses and Portsmouth City Council to ensure this happens. I am looking forward to the local elections next month in which I am standing again and very much hope the people of Fratton vote to re-elect me as their representative on PCC.”

While the allegations of sexual harassment against Hancock have led to his notional suspension from his party, Labour nevertheless have a mountain to climb if they are to unseat him on 22 May — especially given the ruling Lib Dems have refused to stand a candidate against him.

Mike Hancock Fratton vote share chart

The last election in Fratton ward was two years ago – making things even more difficult to predict.

Top Tory: Tenants stuck with £832 Bedroom Tax are ‘success story’

Cllr Harry Phibbs on the Bedroom Tax

A leading Tory in local government has dubbed the Bedroom Tax is a ‘success’ – citing figures from a housing association showing that nine in ten victims of the ‘under occupancy penalty’ have been unable to move home.

In a blog entitled ‘Another spare room subsidy cut success story, Hammersmith and Fulham councillor and Conservative Home columnist Harry Phibbs boasts about figures from Orbit Housing showing that 89% of the tenants originally hit with the hated charge are still having to stump up an average of £832 per year.

The proportion of tenants left with nowhere to downsize come as little surprise given that the borough (where Phibbs is an executive member) is at the front line of the housing crisis. Figures for the area show that 77% of social houses sold off under the right-to-buy scheme are the smaller properties which Bedroom Tax victims would need to avoid the charge.

If this is Phibbs’ definition of ‘success’ Scrapbook dreads to think what failure looks like.

Rumour: harrassment claim MP Mike Hancock to announce retirement

Mike Hancock cover-up in Portsmouth

Whispers from Portsmouth suggest the scandal-hit Lib Dem may be about to announce his retirement.

If he goes then he’ll blame his health.

Boris Johnson to announce return to Parliament ‘in July’

Boris Johnson at Tory conference

London mayor Boris Johnson is “virtually certain” to announce a return to Parliament within weeks, it has been claimed.

Sources have told The Sun of the leadership hopeful’s plans to reveal his hand in the Summer — to avoid overshadowing the final Tory conference before the general election:

“Boris knows he needs to make an announcement in the summer, most probably in July.”

With a string of (mostly elderly) Tory MPs willing to vacate their seats, constituencies linked to the Old Etonian have included:

But with Boris apparently minded to stay on at City Hall — keeping an election promise but leaving Londoners with a part-time mayorScrapbook reckons that proximity to the capital will vital to avoid a political mauling.

Not that he will give a monkeys once he’s back in the Commons.

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