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Is Tommy Robinson planning to run for office?

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson’s statement of resignation from the EDL has fuelled speculation he might be gearing up to run in European or Parliamentary elections. But with his string of criminal convictions and the extremist reputation of the marching mob he founded, the question is will any political party have him?

A UKIP spokesperson told Political Scrapbook the mere question of Robinson joining the party was “dumb” because anyone who has ever self-identified as a member of the EDL is automatically barred.

That’s a no, then.

But the BNP refused to rule out a return to the fold for prodigal Tommy. A spokesperson confirmed Robinson had not approached them so far, and said although he thought such an approach was “highly unlikely”, that you should…

“Never say never in politics”

Independent candidacy beckons…

UKIP MEP Helmer pictured asleep in European Parliament debate

Roger Helmer asleep in European Parliament

Roger Helmer’s former party colleague, South West Tory MEP Julie Girling, caught him, errrr, “hard at work” earlier today.

If UKIP aren’t drunk they’re having a nap, it seems.

The ‘sexist dictator’: devastating attack on Farage from UKIP MEP

Nigel Farage with Marta Andreasen

A UKIP MEP has launched a devastating attack on Nigel Farage — just as her party leader ducks out of fighting the Eastleigh by-election. Marta Andreasen, who became an MEP for South East England under the leadership of predecessor Lord Pearson, said the party “has become a dictatorship” under Farage.

Minders from UKIP’s hapless press team were certainly AWOL when Andreasen spoke to London Loves Business:

“Nigel promotes the people who say yes to him and will be grateful for getting the job and will never contradict him”

“Under his leadership – and I have questioned his leadership obviously a number of times – the party has become a dictatorship. This is a Stalinist way of operating and he doesn’t care about the membership or the grassroots”

Having joined UKIP after being sacked for whistleblowing in a top Brussels role, could it be that Farage was intimidated by the European Commission’s former chief accountant?

“Nigel does not like women. He will not tolerate women that have a certain intelligence. He thinks women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom. These are the two kinds of women he will respect, not a woman that says ‘things are not as you say and we should follow the rules’.

“Nigel does not like someone who will have reasonable ideas that contradict his ideas. He does not accept any contradiction to his ideas. Basically from day one, since I was elected, he was dismissive of my work.”

Her remarks may shed some light on Farage’s decision not to personally stand in Eastleigh:

“Farage doesn’t care about getting MPs elected to Westminster and if we don’t get MPs elected then we will not be able to lead the process of leaving the EU.”

“We have limited resources so we can’t fight all the by-elections and when we do try and fight all these by-elections there is no way that we can succeed. We should concentrate on three or four places where we have a real chance of winning”

And it was all going so well

UKIP back racist BNP in quest for £335,000 European funding

Euro notes

UKIP have backed the British National Party in their efforts to get their hands on hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer cash, branding moves to block funding for Nick Griffin’s fascists “dangerous and undemocratic”.

In a brazen attempt to access yet more of the European cash on which his party is dependent, Nick Griffin has led the expansion of a new grouping in the European Parliament — with the hope of becoming an official European political party. The Alliance of European National Movements would then stand to benefit from up to €400,000 (£335,000) of funding.

All that stands in between Griffin and the cash is article 210 of the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure — which block extremist parties from funding but needs to be invoked by MEPs. But UKIP have ordered their MEPs not to oppose the extremists or to respond positively to a Hope Not Hate campaign on the issue.

Predictably, the UKIP statement setting out their position is a contradictory shambles. Having claimed that a block on BNP funds would be “discrimination”

“It must be understood that UKIP is opposed both constitutionally and as a matter of policy to ANY form of discrimination.”

… party spinners then explain how they, errr, discriminate against all former BNP members:

“In addition, UKIP is, we believe, the only Party in the UK which specifically prohibits members or former members of such parties as the British National Party … from becoming members of our Party.”

Their hypocrisy doesn’t end there, however, as Labour MEP Richard Howitt told Scrapbook earlier:

“UKIP will block EU cash going to support teenagers jobs and skills training in the UK, but seem happy to give the green light to funds, which will only be used to stir up hate by fringe parties.”

Like the UKIP MEP who has already broken ranks to support Hope Not Hate’s campaign, you can sign up here.

UKIP candidate axed for ‘Down’s abortion manifesto’ will still run

UKIP's Geoffrey Clark

A UKIP candidate, who was suspended from the party for his 4,500 word ‘personal manifesto’ suggesting that all abortions should be compulsory for foetus’ with Down’s syndrome, will still be running in Kent’s by-election tomorrow.

Clarke’s foam-at-the-mouth rant called disabled babies a “burden on the state”:

“Consider compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as having Downs, spina bifida or similar syndrome which, if it is born, will render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family.”

Although forced to run as an independent, the ballot papers will still mark disgraced Geoffrey Clark as UKIP as the sheets have already been printed. The manifesto, which was published on his website, has since been removed.

UKIP almost fell over themselves in a rush to distance the party from what they described as “abhorrent views”.

Suspensions of off-message candidates are a rare thing in libertarian UKIP — showing the extent to which Clark had crossed the line of decency.

‘Secret finance firm’ MEP backtracks on declaration of interests

Controversial MEP Godfrey Bloom has altered his declaration of financial interests after Scrapbook exposed a company he had tried to hide from EU officials. The UKIP representative, who is also standing for police commissioner in Humberside, sat on one of Europe’s top finance committees while failing to reveal his shareholding in a financial advice firm.

After leaving his declaration of interests form completely blank, Bloom told this blog:

“I resigned all directorships on election to the European Parliament in 2004 and unwound all my business interests.”

But the MEP has found himself backtracking after we published documents which proved he owned a majority shareholding in TBO Investments, which was fined £28,000 by regulators for exposing its customers to “unacceptable risk”.

In an attempt to avoid an investigation by EU authorities, Bloom has now scrawled an update at the bottom of his form:

Despite sitting on the influential Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs while owning a financial advice company, Bloom denies any conflict of interest:

“There is no possible conflict of interest and nor there [sic] is no interest nor has there been since 2009.”

He also claims he “sold any controlling interests in all companies” – at the same time, admits he is a shareholder in the secret firm:

“I am a registered shareholder in TBO Group of Companies which is in the process of being wound up and has been since 2009 under the direction and in compliance with all the appropriate authorities.”

Bloom has attempted to rectify his glaring omission just days before he faces the police ballot in Humberside.

Croydon North candidate raps: rhyming frenzy from UKIP’s McKenzie

Winston McKenzie, standing for UKIP in the upcoming by election for Croydon North, doesn’t seem to have been knocked back by his 2005 rejection from the X-Factor though, as three years later he appears rapping about his electoral appeal.

The video dates from McKenzie’s 2008 London Mayoral bid, then standing as an independent. Though initially fluent in monosyllabic rhyme, McKenzie soon descends off message:

“Just look at me and Ken, look at Boris, tell me who would the women fancy? Me or them? I’m the man!”

Clearly a fan of rhyme, McKenzie wrote his 2008 mayoral policy in rhyming couplets. His tough, zero-tolerance stance on crime is as follows:

“Knives and guns,

Are fun for some,

Check my Policy,

It’s no fallacy.”

Scrapbook can only hope that all of the Croydon North candidates will reach out to the electorate in the same way.

British MEP’s secret firm was fined £28,000 by financial regulators

A firm of financial advisers which a British MEP tried to hide from European Parliament officials was fined by regulators for posing an “unacceptable risk” to customersPolitical Scrapbook can reveal. TBO Investments is owned by UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom, who has sat on one of Europe’s top finance committees without declaring the potential conflict of interest.

2008 report by the Financial Services Authority condemned the company for failing to keep records and to “adequately supervise and monitor staff”. The ruling saw the firm slapped with a £28,000 penalty:

“The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined TBO Investments Limited (TBO) £28,000 for failing to clearly document the explanation of the risks of transactions to clients. It also failed to make and retain records that demonstrate the suitability of its advice and ensure that its business is conducted in accordance with FSA requirements.”

During much of the period 2001-2007 criticised by the FSA, Godfrey Bloom acted as a director and senior manager of the company.

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