Blundering press officers from the SNP have sent out a press release praising SNP policy — based on tweets from a spoof Twitter account. Spinners failed to spot the painfully obvious disclosure ‘SPOOF ACCOUNT’ branded across the Twitter bio of @SirIanBlair in capitals letters. In their haste to advertise apparent praise from London’s former policing […]

Salmond government refused to comment on allegations Murdoch accused of pressuring Scottish prosecutors Cover-up over NOTW meetings with Edinburgh police Scottish government telephones were targeted for phone hacking, it has been claimed. The news comes despite the refusal of Alex Salmond’s administration — backed by Rupert Murdoch — to comment on allegations said to have had […]

With a giant list of Scots who have had their phones hacked but precisely, erm, zero arrests, it is perhaps unsurprising that first minister Alex Salmond was tetchy about the matter when quizzed at Leveson yesterday: “I’ve asked the Lord Advocate for assurances that the matters which are coming to the attention under Operation Rubicon will […]

Alex Salmond’s Scottish independence campaign have been forced into a U-turn after attempts to portray anyone who followed their Twitter account as a supporter. The site harvested personal details from accounts — including pictures — without permission before displaying them alongside the wording: “Powered by people o’ independent mind, like you…” This has now been changed […]

Tales from last week’s elections continue to filter back to the Scrapbook office – with the most amusing being associated with grim defeat. In the Scottish Highlands the SNP’s David Stewart, who last year won the Scottish Councillor of the Year award for his campaign to save RAF Lossiemouth jet base from closure, was thanked for […]

After Scrapbook parodied Alex Salmond’s leading referendum question on Wednesday, Left Foot Forward’s Alex Hern has put the academic smackdown on the SNP’s dodgy wording: “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” Technical literature on survey design is clear that questions phrased in this way result in a “small but significant increase in the […]

Times journalist Mike Wade’s overtly hyperbolic account of the influence of the SNP’s social media strategy has raised a few eyebrows, not least because of his poorly judged comparisons with the Arab Spring in Egypt. Other highlights include Wade referring to embedding a Facebook “like” button underneath an Alex Salmond speech as an: “ingenious system […]