A debate on mental health yesterday saw brave speeches from both sides of the Commons. But the quote of the week has to go to Tory MP Charles Walker, who described his struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder to his colleagues as follows: “I am delighted to say that I have been a practising fruitcake for 31 years.” He continued […]

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) have launched an investigation into a company contracted to supply fire marshals for the Olympic games, Political Scrapbook can reveal. In a letter (below) to John Prescott, home secretary Theresa May said that Close Protection UK (CPUK) would be probed after unpaid workers were forced to sleep rough in central London before the […]

Grant Shapps has been accused of misleading parliament and breaking the ministerial code by making up  housing statistics as he goes along. His series of blunders include claiming housing stock decreased by 45,000 under Labour, then saying it was 200,000. Spinning Shapps also told parliament the number of new builds in England rose by 25% in 2011 compared to […]

A United States congressman fighting for re-election has been caught photoshopping his Jewish mother out of a picture on leaflets going to non-Jewish voters. Voters with Jewish surnames in California’s 27th congressional district would receive a leaflet with Brad Sherman’s smiling mother — but others received a version in which she had been digitally removed. The cynical […]

David Cameron was reprimanded by the Speaker during PMQs this afternoon — after calling Ed Balls a “muttering idiot”. “… using our hard-won credibility, which we wouldn’t have if we listened to the muttering idiot sitting opposite me.” Marking the return of his Flashman tendency, opprobrium heaped on Cameron has been greater as Ed Balls suffers […]

This morning saw Political Scrapbook raised at the Leveson Inquiry, with Tom Watson forced to deny he was part of the “management” of this website — a ridiculous notion to anyone with knowledge of the UK blogosphere. The questions asked by Robert Jay QC were put to the inquiry by a core participant — an individual accorded special […]

Miliband’s opponents on both sides of the chamber were hoping that today would be the moment things got very sticky for the Labour leader (see this cartoon from ConHome). But with the SNP failing to snatch Glasgow City Council and and Ken Livingstone’s defeat balanced by a strong showing on the London Assembly, Miliband-aligned Labour sources are […]