Way back in 2002, Theresa May was doing a very good impersonation of someone who cares about civil liberties: “We want to encourage … neighbourhood policing, giving people back power and stopping this constant centralisation which this government has brought in.” And even as recently as 2010, May was still keeping up the pretence by earnestly telling […]

  Philip Hammond is not known for his diplomacy. For example, most MPs who were caught claiming massive amounts of dosh on expenses for things like unnecessary second homes (and in Hammond’s case teaspoon collections) immediately apologised profusely to taxpayers and offered to pay the money back. Not, however, boorish multi-millionaire Hammond – who was so oblivious to public […]

  Act of Gove: a legal term for an unstoppable destructive force of nature or disaster beyond our control.   Here are a few examples of destructive Acts of Gove: Michael lowers standards of education in our schools Michael takes primary schools back to the Victorian era Michael abolishes summer Michael forces 400,000 schoolchildren to be taught by unqualified teachers Michael refuses to drive […]

The Office for Budget Responsibility have taken the unprecedented step of slapping down Tory HQ spinners on Twitter: Please note that the OBR did not make the quote attributed to us here by @CCHQPress — OBR (@OBR_UK) September 11, 2014 Apparently they can’t tell the difference between an actual quote and copy from the Daily Mail. UPDATE: […]

Judge rules there would be no chilling effect in releasing Universal Credit reports FOI tribunal refuses Iain Duncan Smith leave to appeal against the court’s decision DWP continues to pour thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money into failing legal attempt to keep files secret A judge has smashed Iain Duncan Smith’s attempt to keep potentially damning […]