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Is Tommy Robinson planning to run for office?

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson’s statement of resignation from the EDL has fuelled speculation he might be gearing up to run in European or Parliamentary elections. But with his string of criminal convictions and the extremist reputation of the marching mob he founded, the question is will any political party have him?

A UKIP spokesperson told Political Scrapbook the mere question of Robinson joining the party was “dumb” because anyone who has ever self-identified as a member of the EDL is automatically barred.

That’s a no, then.

But the BNP refused to rule out a return to the fold for prodigal Tommy. A spokesperson confirmed Robinson had not approached them so far, and said although he thought such an approach was “highly unlikely”, that you should…

“Never say never in politics”

Independent candidacy beckons…

Nick Griffin and the Daily Mail: in agreement over black juries

With the Daily Mail suggesting yesterday that the Vicky Pryce speeding points trial collapsed because the jury were black, the only public figure to back the paper has been, errrr, Nick Griffin:

Perhaps he would be a good fit for a column?

Is Griffin losing it? Tells activists he made his children eat road kill

Nick Griffin in shadow

Thankfully, it’s not Scrapbook’s responsibility to watch hour-long Nick Griffin speeches. That burden falls to extremism analyst and academic Matthew Goodwin (@GoodwinMJ), who picks out some bizarre Griffinführer quotes from a speech given to activists in Coventry over the weekend.

“Yep, me and the kids ate road kill once.”

Attempts to secure a share of £335,000 European funding aren’t the only financial issues preoccupying Britain’s leading apologist for fascism:

“We are going to begin collecting scrap. Have you any idea of the price of copper?”

“Minivans really are very cheap”

“I would say, buy the time you put in fuel and get pork and chips it’s £100 an outing”

Indeed, he certainly leaves no stone unturned in looking for a solution to the party’s money problems:

“Every local branch should have an eBay officer”

And, naturally, he set aside some time for some good old fashioned racism:

“When things fall apart, when it’s just us and them, where are people going to get their minicabs from?”

You can read more over at Matthew Goodwin’s Twitter.

Nick Griffin: Taking The Mickey

BNP leader, Nick Griffin, tweeted this picture of himself in Ukraine captioned “In centre of Kiev. Yankee cultural imperialism struts its stuff“.  The country’s far-right Svoboda party, allied with the BNP, has been seen to make huge gains in elections this week.

Doubtless Nick will be meeting up with some of his fascist friends.

Nick Griffin’s latest bonkers claim: gay marriage kills children

Asked about civil partnerships and gay marriage by Leeds Student, BNP leader Nick Griffin claims:

“Civil partnerships are a way of sliding towards marriage for everyone through the backdoor. It undermines the institution of marriage, and as a result of that, children will die over the next few years, because they’ll be brought up in homes which aren’t married.”

This is why most student newspapers refuse to interview Griffin — they’re protecting him from himself!

Nick Griffin stars in new horror film

Via @HuffPostUKCom

Home of gay couple under police protection after Nick Griffin tweets

  • Home of couple targeted is being watched by police
  • Griffin under investigation by Cambridgeshire Police
  • One of couple tells BBC that BNP leader is “an idiot”

The home of a gay couple targeted by Nick Griffin online is now being watched by police. Meanwhile, Cambridgeshire Constabulary are also investigating whether a case can be brought against the far-right MEPwho had his Twitter account temporarily suspended last night.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, however, one of the couple, exams consultant and writer Michael Black, seemed unfazed:

“Certainly the public response to the incident … has been overwhelmingly in support of our stand against discrimination so hopefully that will mean the vast majority of the people in the country will just see what an idiot Nick Griffin is and reject his views.”

‘Idiot’ is one of the more polite words used to describe the far-right MEP and BNP leader in the last 15 hours.

Nick Griffin tweets gay couple’s address, incites homophobic mob

UPDATE: Cambridgeshire Police have told Scrapbook they are “aware of the incident” involving Griffin’s tweets. We’re trying to find out more right now.

UPDATE II: Nick Griffin’s Twitter account has now been suspended

UPDATE III: The account is now back, with the address tweet deleted

BNP leader Nick Griffin has published the home address of a gay couple in what is clearly an attempt to incite a bigoted mob to invade their street. Michael Black and John Morgan today won civil damages after controversially being turned away from a bed and breakfast in March 2010:

Scrapbook has a feeling that Nick will be getting a visit from the police.

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