Later this month The Spectator brings the latest in its series of highfalutin Debate events to Gateshead, which as many of you will know, is in the north-east of England. The event sets out to answer the question: “Labour has failed the north-east. Why does the north-east keep voting Labour?” Scrapbook is happy to announce […]

Here is the unedited letter to the Guardian from a diverse coalition of UK bloggers who are horrified by the government’s botched plans to regulate the internet and small publishers. The signatories include some, such as Owen Jones and Laurie Penny, whose backing was secured too late for the print edition. Dear Editor, The Leveson Inquiry was […]

Scrapbook supports the Leveson process and helped co-ordinate the advertising boycott campaign which pushed the News Of The World over the edge. But this week’s attempts to force the blogosphere into a regulator at the last minute are the legislative equivalent of Pedigree Chum. Here’s why: 1: Lord Leveson’s inquiry and the policy process which followed didn’t […]

Policymakers working on plans for a new media regulator are drafting proposals for blogs to undertake “associate membership” the successor to the Press Complaints Commission, Political Scrapbook understands. Options being considered as an outcome of a process which predates this week’s shock proposals that many blogs should be regulated include: A lower or nominal membership fee for blogs in comparison […]

With the Daily Mail suggesting yesterday that the Vicky Pryce speeding points trial collapsed because the jury were black, the only public figure to back the paper has been, errrr, Nick Griffin: What’s gone wrong with Britain’s juries? ask media after Vicky Pryce fiasco. As no-one else dares say: Nothing, that was a 3rd World […]

For all the B-movies and crappy commercials, Scrapbook’s favourite memory of Michael Winner — who died today aged 77 — will be his comprehensive demolition of Richard Littlejohn for homophobia on the columnist’s own Live and Uncut TV show in 1994: “I’m quite appalled and very nearly walked out to be on a British television programme where lesbians are wheeled […]