A controversial Russian election campaign advert compares voting for Vladimir Putin to losing your virginity. While the clip perhaps showcases a gentler side to Russian politics than often violent campaign intimidation, this disturbing video is a masterclass in creepiness. With a young girl informing a fortune teller that it will be her “first time”, a tarot card with […]

Following on from Scrapbook’s earlier story on Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP MEP who addressed the European Parliament after consuming a combination of drink and prescription drugs,  it seems only fair to take this opportunity to paint a more detailed picture of our new boozed-up muse in the best way we know: a greatest hits of his idiocy. […]

A UKIP MEP has admitted being “drugged up” on a cocktail of alcohol and prescription painkillers while making a speech in the European Parliament. Godfrey Bloom (pictured above with party leader Nigel Farage) stumped colleagues in Strasbourg last week, interrupting a debate on sport with a bizarre question about a university rugby club. Departing from […]

Former Manchester United player Eric Cantona has launched a bid to become the president of France. The eccentric striker has written to mayors requesting that they nominate him for the contest to be held on 22 April, with a possible run-off on 6 May. Planning to make housing a major theme of his campaign, he claims […]

Tales of Silvio Berlusconi’s womanising and “bunga bunga parties” are manifold. But it was hitherto unknown that The Great Seducer was given to asking foreign leaders for celebrities’ personal contact details. Speaking at a private lunch for the asset management firm Carlyle Group in Paris this week, Gordon Brown revealed that Berlusconi had approached him […]

Conservatives MEPs have been branded “extremists” after rebelling against their own party’s policy on climate change. Votes in the European Parliament put them at loggerheads with all five mainstream political groupings in Brussels, with the Conservative members choosing to ally themselves with, erm, UKIP and the BNP. In a slap in the face for David […]

UPDATE JULY 2013: Another guilty verdict. But will he get off as he did after this post from 2011? While bond markets may not love Silvio Berlusconi, the Scrapbook team have found ourselves lamenting the possibly imminent departure of the bunga bunga-partying septuagenarian. To commemorate his entertaining, if not entirely prudent stewardship of the Italian economy, […]

The Italian budget crisis has been dominating the news for most of the day, and it seems to have finally become all too much for some of the deputies in the Italian Parliament. Tensions boiling over resulted in a fight breaking out, leading to the Parliament being temporarily suspended for several minutes afterwards. The fist […]