The Indian government is to target Vodafone in a $7bn move against tax avoiding corporations. The mobile operator will be issued a payment reminder notice after a new retroactive law overturned a court decision exempting them from paying billions of pounds worth of tax. The behaviour of Indian regulators stands in marked contrast to HMRC, who let the […]

Boasted of tax contributions in annual report Claimed tax was “important aspect” of corporate citizenship But refused to sign up to code until forced by Osborne Despite the exposure of Barclays’ “aggressive tax avoidance” scheme — designed to save them billions of pounds over several years — it seems the bank were more than happy […]

Earlier today, the Culture Media and Sport select committee published a mine of new correspondence between the committee and key players in the phone hacking scandal. Here’s what we’ve learned so far: Clive Goodman wrote to News International after he was sacked for phone hacking, to make a claim for unfair dismissal. In the letter, […]

Following up on a Political Scrapbook report from July, the new issue of Private Eye features an interesting angle on Michael Gove’s relationship with high level directors in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Last year, News Corp purchased Wireless Generation, a company which makes teaching assistance software, and hired former New York schools Chancellor Joel Klein […]

Just days after filling Glenn Beck’s vacated Fox News timeslot, conservative anchor Eric Bolling has already been caught trying to rewrite the history books. On the new panel show The Five, Bolling not only declared the US “safe” under President Bush’s leadership, he said he “didn’t remember” any terrorist attacks on the US between 2000 and […]

As the phone hacking scandal rumbles on to the dismay of News Corporation, there was speculation that Tory backbenchers had been primed by the whips to say that the public want MPs to move on to other issues, and Louise Mensch attempted to deflect the attention to Piers Morgan by taking quotes in his book […]

Writing on Iain Dale’s so-called “mega blog”, Tory MP Nick de Bois waxed lyrical over the supposed benefits of Andrew Lansley’s market-based health reforms: “to truly ensure patients are given a voice in the future of the NHS, we don’t need to give them a megaphone, but simply put pound signs above their heads.” Could this […]