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Suspended Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock appears to be launching a bid to rehabilitate himself — less than two months after admitting to taking advantage of a registered vulnerable adult who told him she had been sexually abused.

The perverted Portsmouth South MP kicked off a publicity drive last Friday with details of his lobbying a government minister. This has been followed up with two more press releases: on animal testing and this unbelievably pompous ‘intervention’ on the Gaza conflict:

“Mike Hancock … has raised his concerns over the situation in Gaza with the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and the President of the Council of Europe”

Suffice it to say that this ruse has gone down like a pint of sick. Here are two of the most up-voted comment on the local paper’s coverage of his Gaza statement:

Mike Hancock Gaza article comment

Hancock Gaza article comment

Nick Clegg is on the record that: “I don’t think Mike Hancock has any future in the Liberal Democrats.”

Facing the prospect of an internal disciplinary process which is likely to expel him, the theory gaining traction down in Hampshire is that Hancock plans to use a threat to stand again — splitting what remains of the Lib Dem vote — to ‘hold the party to ransom’ and extract concessions.

A party source tells Scrapbook that Hancock’s case will be dealt with by the so-called ‘Regional Parties Sub-committee’ — although there’s no date on that yet. Is it in the long grass already?

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