The Eastleigh school that isn’t offended by Tory snobbery

Eastleigh signs Maria Hutchings

Conservative activists in Eastleigh have found the perfect venue for their campaign placards: the sign for a private school. Staff and pupils at Woodhill School in Botley are amongst a minority not targeted in a snobbish slur on state schooling by the Tories’ gaffe-prone candidate.

Scrapbook trusts Maria Hutchings would deem the £1,754-per-term primary good enough for her “extremely gifted” son.


  1. Iain says:

    A school good enough for her son

  2. Anonymous says:

    what are the odds looking like now?

    keep up the posts!

  3. Anthony says:

    As someone who went to a small private school , I am well aware that they have CHARITY STATUS…..if I were John O ‘ Farrel’s campaign team I would complain to The Charities Commission , as this is constitutes an abuse of that status. Also a school regardless of its status should NOT be displaying religious or political campaign slogans .

    Hope JOF wins , seems a decent bloke from his appearances on Question Time and Have I Got News For You , anyone would be better than that ghastly woman the tories have standing for them .

  4. Sally banks says:

    Surely this school is breaking electrol rules?

  5. Tris says:

    Strange road sign… looks like someone bending down and holding out their hand

  6. Martin says:


    anyone would be better than that ghastly woman the tories have standing for them

    Then the voters of Eastleigh could vote Lib Dem, even tactically (which is good enough for JO’F)

  7. Ceiliog says:

    The Tories will plant their election posters anywhere that they can.
    Where I live, some time ago, 4 Tory poster stakes were placed along the wall of a children’s home that had closed due to cutbacks.

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