Eric Pickles: “How old is your daughter?” Voter: “He’s a boy”

Maria Hutchings and Eric Pickles in Eastleigh

The Conservatives are really honing their inverse Midas touch down in Eastleigh:

They really can’t get anything right.

In the meantime, the Liberal Democrats — who outnumber the Tories ten to one on the council and have much better voter ID — will be hoovering up votes.


  1. John says:

    “They really can’t to get anything right.”

    Oh come on – if you’re going to beat someone up for a minor error, at least don’t make any yourselves!

  2. Anon says:

    According to the Profanisaurus, an inverse Midas is known as the “Ratner’s Touch”

  3. Cropstar says:

    Rather Blue Square Premier compared to the Premier League ‘bigoted woman’ comments from Labour previously

  4. Al says:

    @Cropstar you mean when the PM was confronted by a bigoted woman, and shared this observsation in private?

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