Conservative Friends of International Development

The Tories international development body, Conservative Friends of International Development have embarked on a recruitment drive for their African social welfare programme, “Project Umubano”.

Set up in the wake of a 2007 David Cameron visit to Rwanda, the “combination of compassion and careerism” numbers among the blizzard of Big Society brand-detoxifying initiatives set up by the Tories in opposition.

Their latest email newsletter appeals for readers to return pictures “relevant to Project Umubano volunteers” on the theme of:

“Why international development matters to me”

Scrapbook is bewildered as to who the target audience is — given that 96% of Tory candidates wanted to see the aid budget cut.

With a president (Michael Howard) who wanted to slash direct assistance £800m even before the financial crisis, however, an antipathy to development is clearly no bar to participation.

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