Boris ‘gives paid job to his media hatchet man Andrew Gilligan’

Andrew Gilligan

Boris Johnson is to give Telegraph journalist Andrew Gilligan a plum City Hall job, Scrapbook understands. The paid appointment of, errr, cycling czar, comes Gilligan’s way less than a year after he acted as Boris’ election hatchet man in the mainstream media — with a pursuit of Ken Livingstone bordering on the obsessive.

Boris has form for giving friendly journalists — former Evening Standard editor Veronica Wadley is paid to advise the mayor on the Olympics volunteering legacy.

UPDATE: Statement from City Hall —

 “It has always been the Mayor’s intention to appoint a Cycling Commissioner. Final discussions with Andrew Gilligan are taking place regarding a part-time role but at this stage no formal appointment has been made.”

Doubtless the Evening Standard will be taking a “cronyism” angle on this story. Cough.


  1. buddyhell says:

    We’re all in this together – especially Bozza’s pals. I wonder when Darius Guppy is going to get a job at City Hall?

  2. LondonStatto says:

    If Gilligan was the sole man responsible for saving us from four more years of Livingstone, he should not be given a City Hall job.

    He should be knighted.

  3. Pushbiker says:

    Not “Wa*ker Gilligan” surely?!?

  4. Cibber says:

    Strictly entre-nous, I don’t think La Wadley is making a success of her job at Team London. Many have already jumped ship. She has the tact of a viper and the hide of a rhino. Working with volunteers who are not dependent upon her for their living has left her stranded. I doubt if she will be around much longer, having lost her position of influence at the Standard. At least she’s not being paid for the first year.

  5. [...] Johnson has courted fresh claims of cronyism over his appointment of Telegraph columnist and staunch supporter Andrew Gilligan as cycling [...]

  6. Kennite says:

    I’d just like to say that this is a fantastic appointment.

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