Audience critic of Charlotte Church mother overdose was Tory cllr

A woman who made a vile attack on Charlotte Church’s family during last week’s Question Time has been revealed to be a former Tory councillor. After the singer told the audience that her mother took an overdose following intrusions by the News Of The World, audience member Margaret Smith interjected:

“perhaps stronger people may have weathered that a little better”

Somewhat understandably, many in the audience reacted with groans of shock to the comment (zoom to 2:12).


Seized upon by the notoriously anti-Leveson Daily Mail, the paper described Church’s reply as “sharp” and “testy”claiming the former Tory councillor “said that celebrities who court the press should not be surprised if they are targeted.

We hope Smith showed her constituents more compassion during her 36-year tenure as a Swansea councillor.


  1. Martin says:

    This vile human being featured in a headline article on the Daily Mail’s piece about “celebrities bullying poor newspapers” last week as well.

  2. bill edmunds says:

    It is amazing that since Lynton Crosby has been signed up by the Tories they have reverted to type. They seem to have borrowed the Millwall Slogan ‘You all hate us and we don’t care’!!!! Welcome back the Nasty Party.

  3. Doktorb says:

    Unlike the Labour Party, who are all sweetness and light, of course.

  4. Stuart Quinn-Harvie says:

    The Labour party are not being discussed Doktorb, the nasty work of a former Tory councilor is, or have you missed that one in the rush to rationalise this horrific display of callousness?

  5. K Tuck says:

    A tory? Lacking in compassion and common decency? *shocked*

  6. ian says:

    A tory councillor in Swansea is more shocking !

  7. Robert Morgan says:

    Nasty person from the nasty party… Nothing changes

  8. Tris says:

    Even the repugnant Dumblebum sounded shocked by that.

    What a vile old cow. I wonder how she would take it.

  9. Ceiliog says:

    As well as being a Cllr. in a highly affluent Ward in the Gower Peninsula, Margaret Smith was Lord Mayor of Swansea for 12 months.
    Neighbouring Cllr. Richard Lewis’ profile is worth a look.
    Kicked out of the Tory Party for forming a masked vigilante group. UKIP candidate in the 2005 General Election. Currently a LibDem.

  10. Sweeny says:

    Doktorb, what a complete Tory idiot you are showing yourself to be with your comment.
    Typical of the Tory’s you try to blame the Labour party for everything, even though this vile comment from a conservative ex councillor about Charlotte Church’s mother has absolutely nothing to do with the Labour party, but it says a lot about the type of person that supports the Conservatives. Roll on 2015 when we can throw out this Tory led minority government . The majority of voters did not vote Conservative in the last election, and after their performance since they have been in office, even less people will vote for them next time around, and good riddance

  11. saoralba says:

    Interesting that anyone who criticises the noo labour project is one of the tory’s (sic). Interesting also that a website that is purportedly left wing repeatedly maligns the mainstream party with the most left-wing agenda in the UK and supports one that proposes to do away with the universal benefits that the Scottish Parliament has achieved for its citizens.

  12. deckerdude304 says:

    Solid post Sweeny.

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